Monday, September 8, 2008

I have a son!

I'm sure by now lots of my readers are aware of me having 4 girls. It might cross your mind that I end up with 4 kids, probably for wanting a boy. Not really actually. I plan to have 4 children unlike HB who was happy with only 2. Of course the best parent wins.... hehehe ;-)

Many suggested me to try another one. A few was even confident that my 5th will be a boy. When I was carrying Nadeen, I had made up my mind that she was going to be my final child. I prayed for a healthy baby & a boy was a bonus.

When Nadeen was born, I cried. Something I didn't do with the other deliveries. Not because I was granted another daughter but the thought of she being my last child.

Anyhow, I now have a son. Hahaha! Jeng... jeng... jeng...

We were on our way to get supper. Everyone of us was in the car. As HB was taking a left turn, he discovered a white movement in the middle of the road. (continue reading... this is not a ghost story!) He almost hit it when he realised that it was a kitten. He pulled over & carried the kitten to a safety place. There was a playground nearby & that was where he headed with the kitten in his hand. Once he was sure that the kitten would be okay, he crossed the road toward us. As he was entering the car, we heard a meowing sound. The kitten followed HB. He tried to get away from it but he was still tailed.

That was when I made an abrupt decision by saying...

"Let's bring it home. It must be hungry..."

The girls went...

"Really mama? Betul ni?"

For the record, my girls had been persuading me to allow them getting a cat. Their grandma used to own quite a number of mixed persian cats & the girls had been wanting to own one. My answer was forever a firm NO. I didn't know what made me fell for this kitten. It was dark at night when we bumped into it. I couldn't even tell how it looked like except for the colour white. Perhaps witnessing it tailing HB softened my heart.

HB named it Blanco for his white fur. Blanco means white in Spanish (HB is into Spanish nowadays). We agreed.

We took him to see the vet the next day. One healthy kitten according to the vet. It did cross my mind that Blanco could belong to someone. But the vet confirmed to us that it was a stray cat. Not sure of his breed though. Probably a normal Domestic Short Hair. And... Blanco is a 2 months old male. A MALE! Everyone, meet my son, Blanco ;-)


a&a'smom said...

Congrats on the new bundle of joy plus it being a boy!! It is indeed lucky to join ur happy fly. Wow, u took the trouble to take it to a vet first!

lizamurni said...

wah...u have your hands full now huh...

wanshana said...

Awwwwhhhh....Blanco is so cute.

He has found a good home indeed.

I bet the first thing the girls do when they wake up now is to go and find Blanco, right?

jabishah said...

Hi a&a's mom,

Hahaha... tx. HB & I were worried. Blanco was a stray cat. A visit to the vet was a wise decision.

Happy Anniversary. Sorry for the late wish.. ;-)

jabishah said...

Hi dikny,

Indeed are full! Dah lah my maid now takede. Blk kg...

Anak 5 sekarang ;-)

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Syana,

He is, isn't he? I hope with better diet, he will be even cuter.

The girls? Mmg pun.. Asyiklah Blanco! Not only them HB pun. The first time he was away after we adopted Blanco, our phone conversation was about Blanco. Dah makan ke? Dah bagi mandi ke? Cage dah beli ke? Until he realised himself that he didn't even ask about his girls.. hahaha!

leen said...

A son huh? You ni Ja..suspen jek...Fuhh semangat! Hahaha. Thought betul2 nak dapat orang baru. Top up with the news on Nash + Shima..Manalah tau you pun diam2 join the crowd :-)

Anyway, Blanco is cute. Remind me so much of our Honey and Baby, sebijik, but bigger version. Give it about 1 mth, trust me, your Blanco will be cuter and bigger.

Anonymous said...


Salaam - hopped here from Ezza's blog. Have to tell you my sis's story. She had four boys and finally tried for the fifth. Guess what, it's a boy also :-)So there's no telling what the next one will be. The odds are the same each time, it's not like if you have so many girls, then the chance on the next one being a boy is different.

You have beautiful girls - and the the boy is not bad either.
kak Farizah in SD

jabishah said...

Hi leen,

Lama hilang. Where have you been? Bz sokmo?

Hehehe.. saja je with the gimmick. But serious, I sometimes ter call Blanco, Nadeen. Hahaha!

Talk abt Blanco,he is very playful. Manja dgn Yasmin & Mir.

Keep in touch will ya! ;-)

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Farizah,

Tx for hopping by. I have to be grateful with my 4 beautiful healthy girls. Don't plan to have another. In fact HB never bothered me about not having a son. My last pregnancy at 33 was quite difficult. Penat mengandung tua2 ni.. ;-)

Take care.