Friday, September 5, 2008

Of Roti John & My Homemade Food

Yasmin & Wardah started fasting last Ramadhan & this year they seem to be so cool about not eating & drinking. I remember a week before Ramadhan, I was nagging about them taking such a long time to finish their meal & Wardah went...

"Yeah! Yeah! Lagi satu minggu nak puasa. Tak payah makan...!"

Can you believe that? They sometimes take more than half an hour to finish up their meal. I can't remember the last time the words "Cepat makan..!' not uttered at the dining table.

Come Ramadhan, they of course have preferences on food. I don't mind cooking their favourites even though most of the time I have to prepare 2 different foods for both of my girls.

Yasmin dislikes noodle & bee hoon. She prefers spaghetti & fettuccine. On the other hand, Wardah loves noodle, yellow noodle to be exact.

Yasmin does not take spicy foods but it is okay for Wardah.

Yasmin is crazy over my cookies, cakes, muffins, cupcakes, whereas Wardah eats simply because I bake them.

Can you see the difference? ;-) However, they share one thing in common. The choice of food for breaking fast purchased at
Pasar Ramadhan. They both share the love for .... Roti John!

Seriously, what is so great about Roti John? And who came out with the idea of naming the food
Roti John......??

This is the Roti John.

Basically it is omelette sandwich. Minced beef or chicken is mixed together with beaten eggs & onions. A bread like baguette is dipped into the mixture & pan fried. It is served with lettuce, cucumber, mayonnaise & chilly/tomato sauce.

The other day I made another roti of their favourite, Roti Jala (have a peep in my kitchen) & forbade Roti John on my dining table. Hehehe... But I'm so making that roti one of these days & the girls better opt mine to the ones at
Pasar Ramadhan!


Oldstock said...

Hi Ja,

If your girls choose roti john as their favourite food from bazar ramadhan, then my boys `wajib beli' is kebab (the Melawati Kebab variety).

Kalau pergi bazar ramadhan tu, tak payah tanya my sons nak makan apa... kebab tu kira compulsory lah. Harga dah naik RM2.50 per piece this year.

Lepas dah beli kebab, baru pegi cari makanan lain. And they can eat this stuff every day, tak jemu-jemu. Hairan betul...

wanshana said...


It's good that at least they like something in common in the form of Roti John. If not, jenuh jugak lah nak menapak to find everybody's favourites kat Bazar Ramadhan tu.

Roti John is also my two youger kids' wajib dish for berbuka. We've found one gerai at BR Section 17 which sells delicious Roti John. They all dah tak nak try Roti John from other gerai dah after that.

As for Hanna - it's Char Kuey Teow Pulau Utara, also at BR Section 17.

Selamat Berpuasa :)

Nic said...

yum... roti john... sedapnya... especially the crispy, nearly-burnts ones kan? hehe

U.Lee said...

Hi Jabishah, wa, terok ni so many preferences on your menu? Ha ha.
How about Captain? Bet dia jelak plane food, ha ha.
I love roti jala....ada lagi? I can clear at leat 15 pieces, ha ha...if ada curry ikan.
Hugs to Nadeen, Lee.

jabishah said...

Hello oldstock,

You know, I used to give my parents the trouble over that very kebab. Melawati Kebab. Beratur panjang dulu nak beli. Now dah ada in JB?

I'm so getting that one of these buka puasas. Dah drooling ni... ;-)

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Syana,

Betul kan? Klu tak letuh tu nak menapak cari each one's fav.

Mmglah this roti john is a hit among kids. Klu I tunggu dlm kereta HB pergi grab the RJ, ramai kids with parent satu tgn pegang tgn mama/papa, another jinjing Roti John!

Aik! Hanna why tak suruh mama masak her yummy char kuey teow??

jabishah said...


Another fan of RJ ke? mmg, Wardah suka yg crispy & nak mcm hangus tu ;-)

Buka apa hari ni?

jabishah said...

Hello Uncle,

Now I know what kuih you like, if you come over to my hse, lunch masak lemak, tea roti jala, dinner kerabu. OK? What's your preference for breakfast? ;-)

Am cooking Ayam Masak Merah today (recipe in my food blog). HB's fav. With this chicken I do not have to worry about other side dishes. Hahaha!

lizamurni said...

My heroes looovvveeee Roti John. They can eat Roti John everyday. Tak kisah beli kat mana, janji it's Roti John...

Yasmin said...

mama,papa said that when Wardah wants
roti john for 20 days,papa will call her 'Wardah John'

jabishah said...


I can imagine your boys attacking the roti john... must have been a good picture ;-)

jabishah said...

Hi Yasmin dear,

Hahaha! Did he? Wardah John... ;-)

Love you! Mmmuaah!