Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Party

Yes the sequel on Penang trip is still in progress. I'm enclosing this entry however, on the party we hosted last Saturday for the younger girls' birthday.

Nadeen is 1 year old today. My baby is 1! It feels just like yesterday I gave birth to her. Time does fly. My readers, I'm sure are aware of her milestone. From the day she was born(here), her early smile (here), her first flip(here), her introduction to solid food (here), her teething (here), her first long trip (here) & many more.

At 1, I still nurse her & do not plan to stop until she is 2. Well, it is so convenient you know. Now she has braved herself to stand without assistance. But only on my soft bed... ;-) Very clever Nadeen! None of my girls started walking below the age of 1. Yasmin still holds the record of started walking at 1 year & 5 months. Hahaha! She made us worried!

To our beloved Nadeen, Happy 1st Birthday darling. We love you so dearly! Mmmuah! Mmmuah! Mmmuah!

Nadeen & Balqis shared a birthday party last weekend. It was rather hectic to host the party 2 days after out return from Penang. But that was the only weekend available before HB's Mount Climbing trip to Rinjani, Indonesia.

I am an organised person. That I have to compliment myself. Before the trip to Penang I have made a checklist of the things to do & buy. Hence on the next day of our return from the holiday, I knew what I had to do & most of the things required bought.

I started baking & decorating their birthday cakes, ever since Yasmin was 6. They love their custom made cake & I enjoy expressing my work of art & passion in baking. Since, I'm hosting, baking & also cooking, time management is very important.

This time around was not that chaotic in the kitchen. We ordered roast lamb & satay. I made Laksa Johor, Chicken Bolognaise & coleslaw. Both my mom & MIL brought some desserts. I thought of making beef/chicken
keema but the thought of having one whole lamb for the guests.. I might as well skip that.

This is the very, scrumptious lamb before

& after.

The party turned out great for all. My apologies to those who missed my laksa. I made a smaller portion than usual just because there was roasted lamb served! It was a big lamb to me... but my mistake really. You guys could definitely help yourselves to a whole lamb! Hahahaha! Thank you for making the time to attend the party. Hope it was good for you as it was for me... ;-)

These are some of my guests.

At 5.30pm - 6.30pm was the peak. I was so occupied hosting that I almost forgot the cake. HB reminded me. The weather was on our side. Instead of blowing the candles inside the house, we decided to have it at our side garden, on the little hut my HB built.

Nadeen here was so fascinated not with the cupcakes I baked but the lighted candle...

A close up & she was still staring at the fire. She failed to blow it out after so many attempts teaching her (before the party of course). She once managed to squirt the candle out. But that day, she was rather obsessed with it.. hahaha!

Take your pick... Elmo, Cookie Monster or Big Bird.

Next was Balqis's specially requested cake. She wanted a princess cake, pink dress & her name written.

I passed. She was all smiling seeing the cake. Kept on stealing countless peeps in the fridge. Seriously, it was worth the 2 hours spent decorating the cake!

Another close up

Later that night the kids pleaded to unwrap the presents & we did.

Nadeen was rather confused...

Balqis here was so thrillled with all the gifts.

Amongst all the gifts, I fell in love with this pair. It was far too big for Balqis anyway... so, it became mine! Haha! Thanks Balqis darling. I just love Hello Kitty!!

Thank you all for the lovely gifts & a wonderful time. Hope you went home with a full stomach & a smile on your faces.

I bought these doughnuts for Nadeen's birthday today... Familiar? ;-)

And she was still attracted to the lighted candle... hehehe. Love you Nadeen!


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Jabishah, WOW! Can see you really threw a fantastic party...and I can get the roast lamb smell even here too, ha ha.
Happy birthday to Nadeen. Holy Smoke! He 1 year old already?
Now I feel old, ha ha. Hugs to Nadeen....he sure one cute baby.
Somehow I can always remember his name, ha ha as I love the name.

Love your beautiful, well taken pics. Always love homes ada pokok kelapa.

I love your cupcakes, I think I can polish off hmmm, 4? Ha ha. And the donuts at least 3.

Jabishah, outstanding party. Nampak tu ada traffic jam outside your residence, ha ha.
My best regards to you, Captain, hugs to Nadeen and your platoon of Angels, ha ha.
Have a great week, Lee.
ps, ada lagi that lamb? Ha ha.

lizamurni said...

Sorry couldn't make it to the party...
From the pictures I could tell that it was a great one...
Your girls looked so happy for each other....
And Happy Birthday to Nadeen dear....

myheartbleeds said...

Happy birthday to the girls!! Haha mommy pun dapat prezzie ye... ok lah tu kan... after being on your feet for days organising, baking and what not, you deserve at least a pair of Hello Kitty bedroom slippers!! :-D

But I guess the real reward for you is seeing the joy on your girls' faces after all the time and hard work you put in organisng the party, kan?? It sure looked like a great one!!

Bravo, mommy!!

wanshana said...


Happy Birthday, Nadeen and Balqis! Big HUGS from Aunty Shana :)

Next time I want to throw a birthday party for my kids, can I get you to organize it, can aaarrr?! Package mesti include birthday cake, and itu roast lamb. Boleh? Hehehe :)

It sure looks like everybody had fun (especially the birthday girls :))

Ezza Aziz said...

happy birthday balkis dan nadeen...amboi mak nya...kambing panggang nampak sedap laa...and that cake! You buat ke jar...cantik laaa
one day you kena ajar akak ni...errr dah lama tak online!!!

a&a'smom said...

HAPPY BDAY CUTIE PIE, NADEEN!! Fr Aunty Sheela & the boys.
Wow, the lamb looks fab & must show to my hub (m sure he wld be drooling!).
Ja, the cakes looks really good & well decorated!

leen said...

Owww Ja, the party looked awesome as always...:-). You're a good host!

Little darlings, happy birthday dear. Sorry for couldn't make it. But your presents will be on the way soon.

Ja, I missed the lamb again. Whose birthday is next? Hint..hint...hehehe

jabishah said...

Hello Uncle,

Yes Nadeen is one & uncle, she's a girl. Remember? I don't have a son except for Blanco my cat... hahaha.

Did you really smell the lamb? ;-) It was a hit! That's it... Im sure after this our friends wld request for one whenever we throw a party again...hahahaha

The cupcakes too vanished in seconds. None of my girls tasted any of those sesame street characters. Have to make some for them one of these days.

Take care now uncle.

jabishah said...

Dikny dear,

Really hoped you could make it... Anyway, thank you. Puteq & Pateq were there. Others too cldn't mk it.

So, any call for Danish yet? Am cxing ur blog after this..

jabishah said...


Yes, it was tiring & true again, seeing their faces made me forget abt it.

The cake for Balqis esp... She was always in front of the fridge cxing on her cake. Nadeen, of course cld not appreciate the cuppies yet but her sisters did... Too bad none had the chance to eat the cuppies. Cepat kena rembat!

I love my prezzie! Cute kan Hello Kitty slippers tu... Tak ingak ingat sapa yg bagi. Entah dia baca ke tak blog I ni.. hahahha!

jabishah said...

Kak Shana,

Party Planner? Set...! ;-)Penat woo.. but fun. Tgk je lah the girls' faces. Yasmin & Wardah hv given a rough idea on how they want their cake to be decorated next year... hahaha!

Thank you aunty Shana....

Nadeen & Balqis

jabishah said...

Thank you Aunty Sheela & A&A. Did you really show your DH the lamb. Aiyo.. pity him. Hahaha!

Yeah, am quite satisfied with the cakes & cuppies but not the mouths of the characters tho. I should have traced a smile on the icing first then only sprinkle the crumbs.

Tx Sheela!

jabishah said...

Kak Ezza,

Sedap kambing tu. Mmg tinggal tulang je. Hahaha!

Kek tu mmg Ja buat. Barbie tu guna resipi choc cake kita tu lah. Mcmmana Ja deco nanti will post dlm kitchen blog. Cuppies dah post dah...

Nak belajar? Anytime.. Tapi Ja ni pun tgh belajar2 sendiri. Frm internet le.. mana lagi. Malas nak pergi kelas ni.. hehehe.

jabishah said...


A good host? Hehehehe.. thank you. But you missed quite a few of my hosting kan? Next, mesti kena dtg tau.. For Yasmin's & Wardah's laaa apa lagi. Tak tau lah klu my anny this 21st Mir nak buat surprise party ke... Hahahaha!

Bila nak dtg for lunch ni? Call me up tau.

WARDAH said...

the party was great!!!

MrsNordin said...

Alah... the birthday girl looked so cute in the last picture! With the bunny ears lagi... oh my! She's becoming more adorable as she grows up!

Nice cakes! Did you make that Elmo cupcakes as well? Now I know where to order for Nizzar's bday next year :) The Barbie cake is gorgeous! Well done, mummy!