Thursday, December 11, 2008

Penang - Day 2 (26 NOV 2008)

OK, hope I have not bored you with the sequels of my recent trip yet. No worries... This is the final episode of Penang. To my new readers you can read the 1st sequel here & the 2nd here.

Now, back to the journal. The following morning we were supposed to start off early. The latest was 8am. HB planned for us to explore the Botanical Gardens before it got too hot. We however managed to get ready only half an hour later... With 4 kids on tow, a half an hour buffer was an accomplishment. No? Hehehe...

Surprisingly it only took us another a half an hour journey to the garden. I remembered visiting there as a child with my parents. What was still vivid in my mind were the monkeys.... It was my first close encounter of its kind!

We had breakfast outside the entrance to the gardens. Found a stall selling
nasi lemak, tosai & chapati but no roti canai (it seemed that roti canai was not as common as it isARFs in KL?) My girls are not really fans of nasi lemak, unlike their papa. They could have opted for the nasi lemak but all came already packed together with the sambal (chilly paste). So, like it or not they had to try the chapati (tosai they tried before but didn't like it).

They loved their chapati as much as I loved my nasi lemak (sorry no pic of the nl... I finished it up in record time! Hahaha!)

And Nadeen agreed on how yummy the chapati was...

Once done with breakfast, we herded towards the entrance. The garden was not as I remembered. It was huge unlike how I pictured it. Of course my mind then was only focusing on the monkeys but as an adult I noticed the greeneries, the nature & the peacefulness. Peaceful? Well, only for a few seconds... "Mama! Mama! Look!" "Mama... what's this called?" "Mama... Mana monkeys ni?" "Mammmmma..." Quite familiar in your household too I bet ;-)

The lush green of flourishing vegetation.

As I was so captivated by nature, HB brought the girls down to this green field. They had fun running here & there whilst I chose to follow the trail down the hill & snapped snapped snapped.

A close up of the girls

Wardah volunteered to snap a photo of me & HB with the greens at the background ;-) Err... Wardah, what happened to the lily pond behind us?

We also found this brook.

I was somehow attracted to this plant.

A close up of the flower

The fruits. But I had no idea what they were.

A group of preschoolers had fun with the water nearby.

Balqis was in one of her best behaviours.

Again her T explained why... hehehe.

The long walk was tiring. This picture says it all...

HB piggybacked Balqis & at the same time pushing the stroller with Nadeen inside.

HB was leaving for another one of his mount climbing excursion in less than a week. Piggybacking the girls was somehow a good workout... Here is Wardah.

Next was Yasmin.

... and the most challenging but full with pleasures (just admit it!! hahaha...!) was this exclusive shot by Yasmin.

Done laughing? Hahahaha! We were almost hopeless looking for the monkeys which explained us monkeying around... hehehe. But! As we were leaving we found a group of them at the exit. Not friendly at all! Scared my girls off.

We had to check out by 2pm & it was only 11am when we left the gardens. Requested HB to take us to town. Wanted to buy some souvenirs & goodies to take home. We searched the map for Chowrasta but failed in a couple of attempts. Of course it was due to the infamous one way streets in Penang. But I managed to shoot this beautiful ancient Masjid Kapitan Keling. Sorry, lacked of sharpness. It was a quick stop in the car shooting this & forgot to change the ISO of my dslr. Grrr...

We managed to find Chowrasta after the third attempt. These were some of the pickles snapped.

HB & Wardah, busy making choices.

But Balqis just could not stand the smell... :-)

Nadeen? As long as her human bottle milk was near her... she had nothing to complain.

By the time we were done shopping, it was already after 12pm. We were in hurry big time! True that we were allowed to check out by 2pm but the flight was at 3pm. The latest to check out would be half past one.

Still HB refused to miss the chance to help ourselves to the famous
cendol in town which was very nearby. Since we were in hurry & none of the girls including me was not really a big fan of this mouth-watering dessert, I told HB to order only 2 bowls. One for him & another for the rest of us to share. Normally the girls & I would take merely a couple of spoonful of the cendol & HB would clean it off for us. Not this cendol though. The best we ever tasted...

The girls & their cendol.

The superlicious cendol!

Wardah, slurping...

Balqis, having her share & Yasmin was rather impatient for her turn.

HB finished first & hurried to get our lunch with Nadeen. I rushed with the other 3 girls to our rented car once we were done. Reached the car in time with HB , Nadeen & our lunch tailing behind us. Once at the hotel room I double checked the ticket & the flight was really at 4pm instead of 3pm. Now... that was a relief.

By then it was almost one. HB packed up our belongings whilst I fed all the girls who were at that time done with shower (in the car I had already briefed the elder girls on what to do once we reached the hotel room). Through with packing, HB hit the shower & I had my lunch of
Nasi Kandar with chicken earlier bought at Line Clear. Even in hurry & hungry I managed to shoot this photo. Hehehe!

Nasi Kandar Line Clear

It might look simple but the taste was beyond delicious! Once HB was done, I too had completed my lunch. Rushed to bathe Nadeen. Dried her up & passed her to HB while I took my turn freshening up.(Very systematic eh? ;-D) We managed to get ready at quarter to check out time... Pheew! It was fun rushing! Hahaha... The girls? They are used to it.

Since it was quite early, HB took his sweet time driving to the airport. We savoured our last ride in Penang. Managed to see the Penang Bridge in broad daylight, found Penang Free school & passed Penang Snake Temple.

The girls at Penang International Airport

HB - "Let's go!"

We were early. Right in front of the entrance to the departure hall, there was a McD's. The girls wanted to snack on ice cream & some fries. I'm sure I had written before how Wardah & Balqis were the best of friends but also the worst of enemies? Well, I managed to capture them in happier time & in mmm... not so happy moment.

Balqis here was given the honour by Wardah to be the first, shaking on her McShaker. But when Wardah requested for her share in shaking, Balqis refused & ...

this was the outcome of the incident. Hahaha!

I left Penang without a chance of eating the stir-fries, the rojak , the laksa, the nasi briyani... HB, at the last minute had to mention about how delicious the Char Kuay Teow was at a cafe next to McD's. With ice cream in my hands, we proceeded to the cafe & ordered one Char Kuay Teow for yours truly ;-) Anyhow, it was not up to my expectation. HB agreed. Must be a different cook... Just not my day.

The Char Kuay Teow

The girls in the flight back to KL.

Goodbye Penang. Even in such short time & missing the chance savouring many of the locals specialties... I gained a kg! And that stubborn 1 kg is still there... grrrr! My girls? They had a wonderful time. In this trip alone, they experienced 5 means of transportation! ;-D

The End.


shahid said...

ja dearie,
next time mai penang p pekena pasemboq padang kota na.. they are heavenly delicious! nice to know that u enjoyed yrself. i've been living here in kulim for 4 yrs ++ pun tk sampai lg line clear tu!

fiza said...

Ha ha ha ha...Ja..yang best sekali..bila Jemir dukung u tu..bak kata suamiku..nak naik kokong....dah lama gak ekh tak main kokong2 tu....anyway...well done u all....especially abang Jemir...yang mengangkut beg berkilo2 beratnya..

myheartbleeds said...

you guys had a lot of fun in Penang I see?? I enjoyed reading your account and looking at the piccies -- yup, pix you kena kokong tu priceless!! :-D cute!!

I yang ada only 2 girls ni pun pening... and you have 4!! hats off to you!! :-D

lizamurni said...


Seronoknyer watching your girls had fun in Penang...the girls are so well-behaved...

ms hart said...

Jabishah, no, not bored reading on your Penang trips! The pictures are sooooo beautiful...!! Rajin and sabarnya you post kan banyaaaaak gambar! Thanks, tau! Tapi pikir2 balik, kalau takat post gambau banyak2 kat blogger ni is nothing I suppose, for a mother who is soooooo patient and capable like you...huiyo..adventurous travelling with small kids lagi...woo..tabik, tabik!!

Oldstock said...


How come not that many monkeys at the Kebun Bunga? Maybe it's still too early in the day for them.

When I was last there, it was almost evening. So many monkeys were about.Especially interesting were the small black monkeys that have a ring of white fur around their eyes. I could get up close to them, around a few feet, and took some nice photo shots.

Nasi kandar Line Clear to memang sedap, but I was told there is another shop that tastes even better. Tapi tak jumpa lagi kat mana.

a&a'smom said...

Ooh must show the pic of ur DH carrying u as I've been asking my hub to do it but he never agrees. I have made a bet with him eons ago that when I reach my target weight loss, he must carry me. Sigh, already lost 50lbs more than 5 yrs ago but till today, he still hasnt carried me!

Ezza Aziz said...

kali terakir akak ke Penang ialah bulan April lepas. Pergi naik van dan bapa dan mak tiri serta keluarga Adik pun ikut sekali. Seronok tau..tapi bila nak amkan ni ada masaalah laa,mak tiri suka makan nasi kandar..alahai...tak best la kalau pi Penang tak pekena nasi Kandak kan..
Seronok baca juounal you....anak anak tak merengek ke Jar...

jabishah said...

Hi Shahid,

Tu lah, I missed the pasemboq. When we were at padang kota, gerai pun tak buka lagi. Aisey...!

Phobia though to try kat Gurney drive. Masa kecik dulu purging... Seksa!

I didn't go to Line Clear myself. Jemir tapaued. But it was superlicious!

Didn't realise you were in Kulim. Klu tak we cld have meet up kan?

jabishah said...

Hello Fiza,

Kokong? I tak panggil kokong... My mom dulu panggil kadak.

Macho tak abg Jemir? Jatuh cinta lagi skali you... Hahahahaha! Klu tak pasal his trip to Rinjani, doubt he sanggup pikul beg atau kitorg ni!

Psst.. mananye gamba KK?

jabishah said...


Yes, had a great time in Penang. The girls lagilah... almost semua transportation naik.

Im quite firm with the girls. So Oklah. Not really a headache. Penat je sikit ;-)

Gambar kokong? Hahahha.. front angle oklah but belakang cukup menyadiskan. Isnt backside a bad sight? ;-)

shahid said...

ya la, we could have met somewhere but i'm mostly in alor staq this hols. we go to kl on the 26th.if sempat i'll contact u ya :)

yus said...

Dear Ja,
first time to chip in. you have a very nice blog here. seronok baca and enjoy tgk gambar2 your family members.I really can relate to you seeing that your girls are almost the same age as mine.I also have an all girl party..Keep up writing your adventures okey? I sure will pay you a visit soon. TC

jabishah said...


They sure did have fun.. Misbehaved? Hmmm... fighting over things adalah. But guess they rather be good girls than dgr suara tarzan mama..;-)

jabishah said...

Ms Hart dear,

Thank you. Thank you. (sambil curtsey)

Alaa, bet you did this & done that. It was easy traveling with Nadeen coz she is still breastfeeding. Her milk is ready anywhere, anytime. Mama pun expert giler kasi susu in public. Hahaha.

jabishah said...

Hi oldstock,

Yes, we were there too early. Normally they will get out in the afternoon. Were your monkeys friendlier than ours?

Line Clear? The nasi kandar was good to me. Another place? Cld it be Hameediah? Didn't you go there? Read it in your post.

jabishah said...

Hahahaha... Sheela, yes you better show it to your DH. Make him carry you one whole stadium as a punishment for doing it 5 years later ;-)

jabishah said...

Kak Ezza,

Best kan nasi kandar sana? So, mkn kat kedai mana?

Merengek? Hmmm... tak. OK je diorg. Balqis je lah masa ket chowrasta nak blk sbb bau busuk. Dia tak suka bau jeruk tu.

Yg lain esp Nadeen, mmg good girls. Nadeen poo poo semua masa kat dlm hotel. Lega mama dia..;-)

jabishah said...

Yes Shahid, you do that ;-)

jabishah said...

Hello yus,

Thanks for dropping by. Good to know that you enjoyed the post. Another one with girls' power in the household...? Brp org? Im done with 4. Now concentrating to nurture each one jadi insan solehah... insyaAllah.

yus said...

Hi again Ja!
I'm done with 3. That's my target since berangan nak kawin, so dah cukup nisab le. My girls are going to be 12, 10 and 5 next year. Kalau I boleh bake cakes as good as you, complete lah hidup I ;)

jabishah said...

Hello Yus,

Tak pa lah... kita terima menantu lelaki je lah nanti ;-)

Cakes? Ala... it's pretty simple. Trial & error tu biasalah. I recently posted how I decorated the cuppies in my party posting. Maybe you can have a peep ...:-)

Jaanvi said...

You must have enjoyed a lot.... hey but i envy you that 1 kg. I am trying hard to gain but no success.