Monday, December 15, 2008

What a weekend!

It was a long Saturday for us last weekend. Tiring yes but we ended it with something amusing... well, to the kids it was.

We had 2 engagement
kenduris to attend to. One was my niece's & another was HB's cousin. The timing was not on our side though. My niece's at 10.30am & HB's cousin at 11am. Whereabout? One in KL, somewhere in Jln Ipoh & another in Klang. We also had a birthday party invitation at 4.30pm. Luckily it was in Klang too, a walking distance from HB's cousin's.

OK. After the meeting between HB & I adjourned, we agreed to go to both receptions. How? One would advantage having us at the the early hours (
macam lah penting sangat pun...) but the other had to be satisfied having us just on time for meal... ;-)

We left the house at 930am. All of us, including Nadeen & my helper. Reached the first
kenduri an hour after that. We witnessed the meminang (marriage proposal) & the bertunang (engagement). Helped ourselves for an early lunch & by noon we were back in our old MPV heading to Klang. The traffic was siding us though. When we reached Klang, the ceremony had just ended & guests were ushered to the canopy outside for lunch. What a timing ;-)

After our second lunch for the day, we rested at my PILs'. HB not only rested but slumbered away. I joined the postmortem members discussing the ceremony ;-) Merely a listener...!

The birthday party started after
asar prayer. We were served curry noodle, the best in town. 20 minutes to 6pm, we managed to get into our loyal MPV & drove to my parents' in Keramat. We were putting up the night there. But the day had not ended yet. My SIL bought us tickets to watch a theatre.

Which theatre? The Children Musical Theatre - Sinbad! Hehehe... School holiday maa!

It was on the way to my parents' that I realised the attires that HB & I were to wear for that night were still hung at my closet. Great..! What we had in our weekend bag were only round neck T-shirts...

About an hour after leaving the birthday party, I dropped HB at the latest Aeon Shopping Centre very nearby from my parents' place. He had to get a new pair of pants as the only thing he had was a pair of his rugged, faded jeans.

At my parents' I managed to get hold of a BI blouse which I normally wore during maternity & loaned from my mom a pair of slacks. I looked like... a pregnant mom but with high-heeled shoes. Good that I didn't bump into anyone!

The show was surprisingly entertaining. Ok... have to admit, I did sort of doze off for a couple minutes. It was too long & it was a long day for me. The girls enjoyed themselves though. I could tell from the looks on their faces. Even Balqis paid full attention to the 2 & half hour show. The casts of 81 were all children except for 1 adult. Loved the props. The songs were not bad too. Thanks Inda for the treat ;-)

Thanks to Yasmin & Wardah for being the shield to my maternity wear.. hehehehe!

Wardah & her cousin, Nuryn.


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Jabishah, very interesting posting...ahaaa, you hiding behind the gang, huh?
But Jabishah...that lovely smile of yours sure can bring out sunshine anytime....not to mention the moon too, ha ha.

Glad to read you all had a fabulous time. Sinbad? Hmmm, read about it in book long ago...but guess I'm not much a fan of these..prefer more Indiana Jones kind, ha ha

Jabisha, you keep well, regards to Captain, hugs to Nadeen and the gang, Lee.

ms hart said...

ha ha ha..mothers and their tactics to 'cover'!!! I use that all the time!!! Yes, Sinbad was entertaining! My kids rengek2 nak tengok lagi! Adoi...ingat rumah diorang kat belakang IB je ke???!!

jabishah said...

Hi Uncle,

Hahahaha... thanks. You are very flattering lah uncle ;-)

My girls were not familiar with Sinbad either. They are more to Princesses & Barbies. But the show was good. Even HB enjoyed it. It's not easy to please him.... He doesn't even watch Malay movies! Except PRamlee's of course.

jabishah said...

Hi Ms. Hart,
I just read abt your jln2 KL post. Jalan sakan no...

They were a few pics I shot but all tak lulus to be uploaded. Gila tak glamour baju I pakai tu... hahahaha! If I were to follow HB to shop for a new blouse, confirmed tak smpt tgk the show.. ;-)

lizamurni said...


I pun sometimes terpaksa pakai baju my mom....besar but comfy still...hhihi..

My son mentioned about Sinbad the other day but didn't get the chance to purchase the tickets....

Anyway, I understand how you feel after attending four events in a row...pancittt...

But it's all worth it just by looking at the girls' expressions...

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Hi Ja,
Baju maternity pun still namapak ayu gitu....

I was thinking of bringing the kids tengok Sinbad tu tapi tak sempat coz masa tu ada guests kat rumah & we went to PD later.

Maybe next year kot... ada lagi ke next year??

jabishah said...


Too bad your boys didnt hv the chance to watch. Bet they'd enjoy it.

Mmg pancit that day. Boleh terlelap tgk Sinbad .. hahahaha! Suara Raja Azura woke me up.

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Ja,

Hmm... not sure lah ada lagi ke next year. Perhaps another diff show. What I know am watching PGL this coming Feb. Mesti best...

Ayu gitu.? Hahaha.. tq la but if I did not shield myself, mmg sadis ;-)

Jaanvi said...

Hey Jabishah
hmm,nice tactic.. :)

SpiderLily said...

mama my friend wants to be puteri gunung ledang next year..adoi....!