Monday, February 9, 2009

10 days getaway

Early December last year HB got to know that he would be on forced leaves in Feb due to the excess of tech crew. He applied for a long leave in June earlier & it is an almost definite that the application will be rejected.

We changed our earlier plan. February is still winter & though as much as how the girls look forward to play with snow, a long cold getaway is a no, no. It's not easy for HB to be away from work for more than a week. A 10 day's leave is really a bonus! We had to consider a lot of things in planning for this long holiday. Based from the trips we had been to, none was under the restriction of a tour agent. HB likes to venture his way. Do the activities which his girls enjoy. Eat whenever his girls are hungry.

Since December, I was browsing the net for places to go, rooms to book, cars to rent... I tell you, it was a torture to my eye sights. But I have to admit that there were lots of pauses here & there to indulge my addiction in FB & blog hopping ;-) What more when I had to sneak doing it as wanting to surprise the girls.

As usual, we failed in doing so. Again it was Wardah who discovered. HB forgot that he left the notebook on standby as Wardah, with permission, clicked on a button & there came pouring all the information. We were lucky as her mind was so into playing her games that she read the info & ignored it. Anyhow some days later, she overheard HB telling me of getting the tickets & her curious mind managed to relate to the info. She knew we were going somewhere. We were at a kenduri & I told the girls to hold on to my bag as I was busy attending to Balqis's needs & it was there when she found the tickets deep hidden in my tote bag... Of course, HB did not like her ransacking my bag any bit. So kena lah... .

A week before the trip, Nadeen was down with a fever with phlegmy cough & Balqis with runny nose. It was only on the morning we were to leave that she looked fully recovered. Frankly, I was very nervous not excited as the date was nearing. Never had I traveled with the girls for more than a week. I pray that everything will go smooth, insyaAllah...

What really a big drag was the packing! The check list helped though. I was not only packing for HB & I alone but also 4 kids ranging from 10, 8, 4 & 1. I know that some parents would make the older kids do the packing themselves. Well, I pass on that. I rather take the trouble than finding out later... this tertinggal, that tak muat. But the beauty of packing in my household is I do the selection, arrange it on the bed next to the luggage & HB does his magic in stealing spaces. He's good in that...

Our packed luggage. Psst... there is another bag in one of those. ;-)

Our destination? The Land Down Under. Not that one... (Good thing not that one or else we might have to cancel the trip. Isn't it not blazing with fire down there?) the other Land Down Under, also known as the Land of the Long White Cloud. OKlah, the Land of the Kiwis? How about All Blacks?

Yes, we are by now should be on our jetplane flying to New Zealand. I had always wanted to go there. Way before the family multipled to 6. I can imagine myself by the roadside mesmerising the beautiful mountains, the picturesque lakes when suddenly my sleeve is annoyingly pulled & come the voices of 1 or maybe 2, or perhaps 3 & not surprised at all, simultaneously 4...

"Mama... I'm hungry!"

"Mama... I need to go to the loo!"

"Mama... Kak Adah buat Aqis"

"Mama... " "Mama..." "Mama..."

Hahahaha! If I survive this 10 days challenge I declare myself without doubts the Super Duper Mom!!

Anyhow yesterday, my Balqis realised that she needed a new hair style. I was tending to Nadeen & she was alone with Yasmin in the study. Yasmin will always be Yasmin. Can't be bothered with what goes around her if she is into something. She was not reading this time, but playing with the computer games. Wardah forgot to put away the pair of scissors she used earlier & Balqis used that very scissors to CUT her hair!!

Luckily she didn't touch her fringe... It does not look that obvious really. Just need to tie up her hair or put on a hat! What a way to start your journey Balqis.... sigh.

Will definitely update on this trip once Im home. Take care everyone!


leen said...

Finally...after all the surfing and browsing! You're sure one hell a good 'travel agent'...hahaha.I bet you guys gonna have fun. Do take lots and lots and lots of photos okay.

Pssttt...don't forget my 'kiriman' ya...hehehe.

Hugs to the girls!


Cuddly Family said...

have a safe trip hun :)

You going to meet up with June?


a&a'smom said...

Have a blast & cant wait to hear all abt it!

MrsNordin said...

New Zealand? Bestnya!!! Nak ikut!! I've always wanted to go to NZ with the family, tapi belum ada rezeki lagi. Insyaallah one day..

Have a good trip, my dear & have fun!

lizamurni said...


Have fun!!!!

MAMAMIA said...

Went there in 2006. Kalau ada rezeki nak pergi lagi... NZ so beautiful, esp love the South Island.

tireless mom said...

Have a safe and enjoyable trip Ja. Take lots of pics.

wanshana said...

Oooooooh...New Zealand! One of my dream destinations, too! Entah bila lah ada rezqi nak sampai situ.

Have fun, Ja!

Looking forward to reading all about it when you all get back (and of course - the pics, too!)

Waterlily said...

Havent been to NZ. Share nanti ok!

Enjoy your holiday!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Jabishah, senang datang ke pondok saya...but before coming, minum iced water first, *wink* something for you. Lee.

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Bestnyaaa dapat pi NZ! One of my wish list tu!

Have fun, OK?

jabishah said...

Tx all for the prayers & wishes. Am back home. Safe & sound..

Yes, I boleh cari mkn jadi travel agent lepas ni...

Yup, met up with June. Have to wait loooong for that update as my meeting w her was on the last day ;-)