Saturday, February 7, 2009

Here's the assignment...

I know! I know! This is way too late. Still I have to make sure that I hand this in. You see, I was tagged by our dear lecturer Pn Wanshana... well, it was last year! End of last year OK... So it is just a matter of months! I sort of put it aside somewhere in one cluttered corner of my mind & not a surprise at all that I totally have forgotten about it until I read Dalam Dakapan Ibu. Told you Kak Ja, yours was not the last one.

Ampun Pn. Pensyarah. Here we go...

Now I was supposed to write 16 randoms things about myself. Not only that, I was also tagged in FB on the same subject except that it needed 25! I settle with 16... ;-)

#1. I get very domestically diligent whenever I'm angry. It depends however, whether I'd do it merely with my hands or with the company of my nagging (if only my helper knows this...)

#2. I am a neat person. At times I can be pretty much like the character Monica in Friends. Though with 4 kids in the household, I (with my helper) always make sure that the living, dining & family lounge are in order. Why is that? These are the rooms I have to pass to enter the master bedroom.

#3. I am the eldest of 3.

#4. I just realise that I have more black in my wardrobe & am buying more of that colour. Those close to me know that red is my favourite but I can't recall the last time I bought something red.

#5. I tied the knot during my final year at uni. My mom warned me that she wanted to see HER daughter up there receiving the scroll. Not someone else's wife. I did exactly that. But HB was so sweet to give the pass to enter my convocation to my parents. As he put it, my parents deserved more than he did.

#6. I love gadgets which can sometimes be a headache to HB. My next in the list is owning a smart phone ;-)

#7. I used to be a better baker than I was a cook. Started baking during my teenage years ( no, was not a Home Science student) but cooking I started learning only after I carried the title wife.

#8. My mom has always been my idol. I hope that one day I will have the chance to be an inspiration to my girls.

#9. I enjoy the things I do now & never regret quitting 7 years ago. I don't mind at all ferrying them to school, playing teacher at home, cooking & baking their favourites but I am not the perfect mom. I normally drag bathing them, making their milk & feeding them. It is out of responsibility & love that I manage to carry out the duty. In other words, I am not a great babysitter to other children.

#10. I never mind ironing. Of course now I limit my ironing only to HB's working attire. (Nanti ada orang tu senyumlah kurang kerja.. hehehe).

#11. I hate the genre horror. I have never watched Poltergeist, Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, Jangan Pandang Belakang etc. Yes, I am a coward when it comes to the horror genre. But I made an accomplishment with Waris Jari Hantu. Watched that from beginning till the end... ;-)

#12. I love photography. I felt in love with this hobby when my father brought home his Pentax SLR which was way in 1983. I remembered in 1984 (at 10 years) I was the wedding photographer to my cousin. The photos came out surprisingly magnificent (even the uncle at the photo shop complimented them!). That was one thing I have to respect my father's parenting. He trusts his children's passion & capability. I can't picture me trusting Yasmin ( who will turn 10 in March) with my DSLR without assistance.

#13. I don't watch movies from VCD/DVD. I either catch a movie at the cinema or simply watch any shown on TV.

#14. HB is my one & only steady boyfriend. Yes, I married my first love. How lucky is that? ;-)

#15. I am the determined type. If I want something, by hook or by crook I will find ways to have it. Kind of stubborn too.... hehehe.

#16. I was once a Tupperware Manager! Woo hoo...!

So, berapa markah kena tolak sebab lambat hantar Puan???


Uncle Lee said...

Ahahhh! Now we know you, *wink*....
And Captain your first and only love? You married your first love?
Jabishah, OUTSTANDING! Well done.
Very hard nak dapat like you and HB.

Today, before marriage...I'm talking about Toronto,
girls and men macham road test new cars first...ha ha.
Then da kawain and promise "till death do we part"...two years later, trade in, ha ha.

In my case?...ha ha...never mind la.
You have a pleasant weekend, hugs to Nadeen, Lee.

azira abdullah said...

salam sis ....

hepi baca citer akak...
waaa ni gadis yg baik la ni... bkn play girl... untung captain... hehehe

akak sy ader note pasal Bilal b Rabah tu... sy dh tag kan anak2 akak... utk rujukan la..

tq, salam.

tireless mom said...

Dear Ja

Kenapa "was a Tupperware Manager"? I love tupperwares. Boleh order from you if you are still one : )

wanshana said...


Thanks for doing the tag...finally. Hehehe! Don't worry - tak tolak markah derrr :)

Married first and only love - Hi-5!

And macam Tireless Mom - awatnya "was a Tupperware Manager"? I baru ingatkan nak order kat you...My collection entah mana meghilang. Tupperwares ni berhantu, kan? ;)

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Hi Ja,
Ada common interest nampaknya kita..hehe..

So, you're the last one to submit the homework to Pn Shana??