Wednesday, June 10, 2009


After like almost 11 years I was reunited with my housemates back in the college years. Rather an unexpected... Though didn't manage to pull all 6 of us together, the short meet was remarkable.

Now, we were supposed to meet up on the 9th. Agreed. I had blocked that particular date & was looking forward in meeting the other girls.

The venue chosen was PanPac KLIA. Nani, residing & lecturing in KK would be putting up a night at the airport hotel before flying off home. Lynn, teaching in PP should be in Subang during the school hols. Yati, Sara & I shouldn't have a problem as we are in Klang Valley. Fina, a determined Prudent*al agent is up north in Penang. Anyhow, a miscomunication in my part & Yati's failed to inform Fina earlier. With such a short notice, she could not make it this time... Sorry again :-(

Who would have thought after all these years, with a different status & carrying the extra weight we are still the same in character. And according to Nadeen's icon, that's what make us special... Yup, Barney! "You are special. You're the only one, you're the only one like you!"

Yati & Lynn drove separately to KLIA. The time given by Yati was at 11am & at 11am, I had not yet met Sara at our meeting place. She was late, fashionably late. Well, she had her little one & a child in tow... If not for us pleading for her to go (you really enjoyed that right Sara?), I bet she wouldn't make it.

Once I had Sara with me, Lynn called disguising as a bank manager & failed big time. Hahaha! In a serious tone however, she informed that Nani had not checked in... Her line was not connected & we assumed, her flight was delayed. Another thing... we didn't know from where did she depart! Great...!

Instead, we agreed to have lunch at Alamanda. It was a wonderful meet even though we were down to 3. The 6 of us sort of grew up together. We knew each other's relationship, name it, family? love? So it was like reading the next chapter of each other's life.

As we were chatting non-stop & obviously the loudest there... Yati's phone rang & it was Nani!! She just landed & thought that the next day was the 9th. The same old Nani!! Hahaha...

Lunch at BK

How could we refuse to reschedule & meet her today? Sara, couldn't make it this time. Her little one was uncomfortable & had been crying. Still we did try to coax her but the mom in her was stronger. She opted to stay home with her baby.

I was the last to meet them. HB was around & had to send him off to the airport for a daily flight. It was good to really meet you,Nani. She just returned from her umrah to the Holy City, Mecca with her son & a helper.

It was a bonus on our sight that Nani had an issue remembering dates. If not for her, we wouldn't have the chance to meet twice in two days in a row! ;-D

The plan next year is on girls. Will do the planning. Venue is still open for suggestions. I've got my green light! Guess HB knows that I will be in good hands...


Nani in the hotel buggy. Thanks for the gifts babey. I really love the tudung!!

Till we meet again next time girls! For the time being, do think of a suitable place for the trip. :-D


lizamurni said...


you girls still look the same la.....jovial, radiant and everything!!!

tireless mom said...

Best nya dapat jumpa member lama. Bet they tell that you are just as ayu as before. Pan Pac KLIA as meeting place? Good idea.

a&a'smom said...

Ja, u shd have gone for the brunch buffet at Degrees at Pan Pacific KLIA (our fav hangout for swim, jacuzzi & the buffet spread are really healthy, yummy & delish). Did u go on a Sun as then it's RM50 PER HEAD FOR ADULTS.

jabishah said...

Don't we all Dikny. It's in the TESL power babe! ;-D

jabishah said...

Kak Yatt,

How was SP? Pan Pac was the original plan. We met up at KLIA instead.

jabishah said...

Hi Sheela,

Will take note on that. You are always mentioning it which thrills me to give it a shot. Tx dear. ;-D