Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Needle Creations

My Melaka trip day 2 needs to give way to this entry. I would recommend that you take a peep at my previous post here first (if you missed it of course) before proceeding.

Yes, I am into sewing these days. Something really remarkable don't you think? Anyhow, my passion in needlework has gone up to another level. It has come close to an addiction! Seriously!

In a day, I sometimes feel incomplete if I don't get something done with my Brother. It has been truly "at my side"...

Not only that, it has somehow become a remedy to my FB addiction too. Come to think of it.... what difference does it make when you fall to a new addiction from another? Sigh...

In the previous post, I mentioned that my only exposure to a sewing machine was when I made a baju kurung kedah for my mom. Well my best friend, a silent reader here called to inform that I presented one to her too. Now, that makes it 2. Other than that my knowledge in this field is almost zero!

On the same day I bought those 2 machines, I stopped by at a mall to get a few pieces of cheap cloth & a book.

The book

The book was not much of a help. However, the confidence my girls had on me & actually requested the designs they wanted made me find another alternative to fulfill their wishes.

Yasmin's choice



The instructions which made me staring rather than comprehending!

I am a mom but I am also a daughter. Called up my mom to play teacher. She was more than happy to assist & was also excited with the 2 machines. My dad agreed to stay late on a Wednesday (my parents come to my place on every Wednesday after their regular exercise at a clubhouse in Cyberjaya).

She made me see clearer & understood better in the art of sewing. Still, she is no professional tailor. She could not help me to comprehend the drawings in the book I bought.

We somehow managed to complete the top of Wardah's baju kurung. Thank you ma & abah too for waiting. Love you! They left for home at midnight. I did not manage to convince abah to put up the night at my place. He wanted his own bed... I understand quite well :-)

I completed the bottom of Wardah's baju kurung on my own. There was a problem but I managed to tackle it ;-) After all I had a magnificent teacher... Now this was my first project with my Brother. Wardah's baju kurung. The material was given long ago by my MIL. A satin cotton which she bought in Mecca.

The baju kurung

Notice the matching scrunchie?

I opted one of the many patterns from my Brother...

... & the sleeve.

So? Did I pass? Hehehe... Next, I decided to make a long skirt for Yasmin using the same material. Here is the result ;-)

I have to admit that I made a few alterations to her skirt. Not because it didn't fit, but I was kind of struggling with the frills. Furthermore, the first ribbon colour I chose did not suit her. With the new colour, I am quite satisfied with the end product. Oh yes, I made a headband for her too.

My second visit to a bigger bookstore after owning my Brother was an accomplishment. I found a book entitled "Sewing for Dummies" but decided to get this one instead... & my decision was perfect!

The thick book

To answer to the thought in your minds... No, I haven't completed reading. It is like a textbook to me. Nobody reads textbooks from page to page. Errr... do you??

The author is very good & precise too. I have learned a lot from her book. Hence, upon discovering a book with the same author, I without hesitate bought it. As expected, it gave me a clearer picture. I sure recommend this book if any of you decide to make children clothing.

Based from Balqis's choice of dress, I decided to try making my first dress. The material I chose was very cheap. At RM3.80 per metre, a failure wouldn't regret me.

The only turn off was the colour. It was rather too pinkish to me but not to Balqis. She totally adores her mom's handiwork.

Balqis with the dress I made

The belt was a recycle from a leftover material I found in the closet. Those flowers, I bought at 50sen each. Well, I need to get suitable colours of ribbons next time around & make my own. Right?

I also sewed this net cloth to add a wide flair to her skirt. She feels like a princess. Even though I only spent less than RM 15 altogether ;-D

I made a dress for Nadeen too using the same material I used for Wardah & Yasmin. Not only that... I also ventured my first experience with smocking!

Nadeen with the dress

The smocking which I am not so proud of...

The attires made for the elder girls which they put on for the first time in Melaka were pretty simple to make. The cloth was ready with stretched material at the waist. Seam one end to another & you get yourself a skirt. I made lining for the skirt though as it is a bit transparent.

I did not cut Yasmin's skirt to suit her height. Instead, I handsewed the extra length at the bottom. In Wardah's case, I sewed the bottom hem with the machine but added straps on top. I chose to sew 4 simple straps & to be worn with a knot on each shoulder.

The dress

The lining to the skirt

I bought the cloth at a textile store in Carre*our WMaju. Very cheap too . RM5 per metre!!

Now check this out... I have decided on a label name. MNC which originally meant My Needle Creations but Yasmin came up with a better one - Mama's Needle Creations. ;-D

Sewed this at the side of their lower garments. They sometimes complain of the label at the back of their neck.

A label on a pair of pants I made for HB. We declared the pants as a Father's Day gift. Hehehe!

Happy Father's Day to all fathers out there & especially to my beloved abah & bapak. Love you both & I am indeed grateful being your daughter.

Here's my mom on her 62nd birthday recently.

Now that's HB with the gift Balqis made at the kindie.

Time to hit the sack. More sewing tomorrow... Woohoo!!


Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

kalau nak yahu lebih pasal jahitan smocking ni sila layari b thercula

lizamurni said...


Congrats!!! I'm so proud of you....u try jahit baju melayu for my sons, boleh tak? heheh....

a&a'smom said...

Clap, clap, clap & Bravo!! Such lovely masterpieces! I cant believe u just started.

Waterlily said...

Wow..! Dah lama jugak Wlily tak singgah kat sini, rupe nyer orang tu ada hobby baru :-) And you really are one very talented lady Ja! Cantik baju anak2 you..

pssstt...sebenarnya kan, I pun ada sewing machine tau. My mom bagi just last year. Small and portable. Masih dlm kotak sampai now..dont even know brand apa pun...I know, I know..hampeh kan? Dont know bila the sewing bug is going to bit me..

ibu,mommy,mom... said...

Hi Ja,
I nak tempah baju boleh tak?For my Lil one.
As soon as you say yes,I'll go buy the kain...Boleh tak ?Cantik la your baju!!

Sakinah said...


U are so talented to sew. The clothes are all beautiful. Nak jahit simple2 I boleh lah buat tapi nak buat baju macam u, I surrender la. Ja, boleh buat bisnes ni. Lagi2 dah dekat nak raya. Bila nak mula bisnes? Let me know so I could go buy materials to send you. Rgds.

yus said...

La...i baru buat baju utk teddybear anak I je..mcmana nak kejar you?? :) tabikk mummy!

wanshana said...

So lovely!

So, next question - bila nak bukak boutique? ;) Jangan lupa jemput I for official launching, okay?!

sherry said...


Kagum akak. Am so proud of u. Lepasni bolehlah buat DIY tudung pulak ye.Boleh KS tempah. BTW, kat mana beli Brother tu ?.KS pun mengidam nak beli ni..

bella said...

Ja, I saw your question on the shops in Jakarta, so, tell hubby to go to Pasar Mayestik. It's not that far from his hotel. Mayestik is in Kebayoran. Kat sini is like jln TAR x10 punyalah him to go to the shop centro moda or any of the shops there.harga mmg murah dari KL.good luck!

jabishah said...

Tx Kak Ezza. Appreciate it. Ja dok google for blog menjahit ni boleh tak jumpa... Now, baru lah byk lagi dpt timba ilmu ;-)

jabishah said...

Hi dikny,

Tx. Tu laaa, will try with jemir first. Klu pass I will canang kan ;-)

jabishah said...

Tx Sheela. You might want to try yourself. You are such a creative baker, you will be surprised what those hands can do with thread & needle. ;-)

jabishah said...

Hi Wlily,

Tu laa.. masalah jgk ni bila dah kena gigit with the sewing bug. Dah mcm dpt virus pun ada.

You might want to try with a dress for your little girl. After you see the end product & the look on her face, asiklah ada muka you kat kedai textile tu nanti...

jabishah said...

Hi Rene (betul kan ibu?),

Not this year. I'm trying to master the skill esp in measuring. All those baju I made tu, semua I ukur frm their ready made baju.

jabishah said...

Hi yus,

Hahaha.. apa lah you ni. But if you are yet to explore sewing children's clothing, I highly recommend the 3rd book.

jabishah said...

Hi there Sakinah,

Tq dear. Ye lah raya dah too dekat. This year I will try with my girls first. If things are OK, perhaps the following year boleh kut... insyaAllah :-)

jabishah said...

Kak Shana,

Friends like you don't grow on trees... Dah terus aim for boutique? I like... ;-D

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Sherry,

Tu laa... ni dlm agenda nak try buat tudung ngaji anak2 dara tu. Brother kena beli frm stockists. I bought in Cheras. Very helpful,siap ada home delivery lagi. Try call Brother Msia (I googled for the number.) They will advise the nearest stockist. But klu kak Sherry dtg kl, ja boleh bwk kan kat kedai tu.

jabishah said...

Tx Bella. Really appreciate that. Told HB but it all depends as it will only be a very short stay for him.