Friday, June 5, 2009

Another toy?

It never did cross my mind that one day, I'd get myself involved in this. What I meant by this was a new passion I had recently possessed. A couple of friends did try to encourage me but it never worked. I totally rejected such ludicrous idea.

Somewhere last month however, I fell upon a friend's FB photo album. In fact, it was after like 2 weeks she uploaded her first project photos only did I feel like checking them out. It had been in my FB news feed for days. Friends commented but I was just not attracted to the picture.

It was after she uploaded the 4th album of her works that I started to show some enthusiasms. Browsed through all her previous works & from there I began dreaming of yet another toy...

Since my recent toy is still new, planning for another needed lots of strategies & plenty of research on my part. Hehehe... (No way! I don't play the old trick!! If that's what you're thinking...!) Deep inside me I sort of felt that I could win this negotiation ;-D

HB is never good with words but there is an exception. I have to give credits though to his choice of words in writings. In verbal I knew long, long ago he was bad & even though he had tried, he is still at where he started! Hehehe... Once, he commented on my FB status that I had hidden talents. Hmmm... With that statement, it carried the 50% of the negotiation points ;-D

Woohoo!! I won! I got myself the new toy... & I am sooooo in love with it. Such a brilliant thing! Should have gotten it earlier. Now this the toy, fresh from the box.

Any idea yet?

How about now?

Here comes the box & I pretty sure you do read well ;-)

Yes, I at 34yrs & 7 months own my first sewing machine. Before, I was so worried of space... as if "portable" is an alien word.

It's computerized with many stitching patterns to choose from.

Errr... not only that. HB just had to overdo it again. He got me this too.

Rested on one of the side tables in my bedroom is an overlock machine (mesin jahit tepi).

It was quite a pressure really when he bought that too. Frankly, the only thing I ever made using a sewing machine was a baju kurung kedah which was way during my teen years. It was for my mom on her birthday. My sister, a home science stream taught me, a commerce student. That was my one & only machine sewed material! (Well, used to be a fan of cross-stitching).

Seriously.. At one point it made me think. What have I gotten myself into?? I somehow pledge to myself, though how white those two toys are... they won't be another white elephant collection in the household!


lizamurni said...


Wow...that's something, huh...
Boleh i tempah baju raya kat u? hihihi....

Anyway, all the best with your toy...

Anonymous said...

Bravo Ja! So when can we see your first masterpiece?
You do the baju...then pass them to Atun for the 'accessories’. Kelassss gitu :-)

a&a'smom said...

Congrats on thte new toy! I'm sure it will be very useful esp sewing for your princesses many concerts, sch events costumes. Cant wait to see all your masterpieces!

yus said...

Go for it! Exactly what I had in mind to buy at the moment (tho not the exact model). It could be my turning point in career life to own one too.

jabishah said...

Dikny dear,

Indeed, that's something... hahaha! Tempah? Not in the near future. But seriously, I am so in love with this toy!!!

jabishah said...

Hi anon,

Yes, will definitely pass to Atun. Siapa kah gerangannye tuan hamba ini? (baru blk melak kan? hehehe). Atun pun dok wondering tu.

jabishah said...

Hey Sheela,

Tq for the encouragement. I will soon update on my latest passion. Tunggggu! ;-D

Sorry to hear about your parents dear. I hope they are recovering frm the shock.

jabishah said...

Hi Yus,

I never thought that I'd own one. But one thing I come to realise, this thing is really addictive.

You must get one. I strongly recommend the distributor which I bought frm. Did my homework & it was the only place with discounts.

yus said...

Ja, memang addictive. I slept at 4 am just to finish reconstruct my daughter's favourite teddy bear which was koyak rabak over the years in 1 night. How addictive was that? And the output? a very feminine teddy bear with a new little blue polka dot dress, new body only same old face and paws.Had a scary feeling whn I had to snip off the head to give it a new body though.Still discovering the machine's functions too. And always dreaming of new patterns of quilts and patchworks too. I think we are on the same boat now. hahahah..

jabishah said...

Hi Yus,

What model is your toy? Since we are pretty much in the same boat might as well we share the details ;-)