Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'm A Working Mom

Yes, this space has long been untouched. I realise some of my dear friends in the blogsphere have been curious about me & I decide to update.

I have been a full time mom for close to 8 years. I quit my job long ago when Wardah was 22 months. Managing our own new house & the girls (then was only Yasmin & Wardah) was pure satisfaction. Anyhow when I conceived Balqis, we decided to employ a help. She helped with the housework but the girls were still attached to me.

When the girls one by one started schooling, I in a way was looking for something to do. But in the end of the day, I preferred to be with my girls more than anything. Furthermore, HB is not so keen of me working out. He prefers me home with him whenever he's off duty. So, I continued supervising my family & I got occupied with the girls' school work & other extra classes I enrolled for them. You name it... they have almost tried everything!

This homepage is the time I spent for myself & of course all the books I own... :-) By chance, HB bought me a sewing machine plus an over lock machine last year. Well, it was not that he surprised me with them but I was the one who wanted to try my skill in sewing. Really have to thank HB for the faith he had in me. The day I purchased those machines was also the day I bought this book called " Seni JahitanPakaian Kanak- Kanak". Yes, I did not know a thing about sewing!

Since I have the leisure time at home, I managed to learn the tutorial online. So basically, when I bought those machines they remained untouched since I was most of the time with my NB googling for sewing sites :-)

My mom was there to assist me. She knows how to sew baju kurungs & it was from her I practised on my theory I gathered from the Net. My first piece was Wardah's baju kurung. You may read it here. I started to explore on bags, dresses but when it came to tudungs I got hooked. Now I have started my online shop selling tudungs & my hands are full.

As Yasmin & Wardah put it, I am now a working mom. Not that they were complaining but I sensed pride in their words. Balqis too understands her mom's new passion & wouldn't mind sharing the table with me doing her work. Nadeen is a different story. She , I can see doesn't like sharing me. Enough that she has 3 sisters to compete with but now a machine? So, I have to stop my sewing when I'm needed by the little boss.

Sad to say, ever since I wean her off breast milk, she is very much attached to Sri, my maid. She still doesn't agree to the idea of me feeding her with formula. Only Sri can do that! On top of that Sri is excellent with children... She can manage all my girls at ease.

Now, I understand whenever my friends long for the weekend to spend time with their children. Even though I work at home, my time is no longer spent with them all the time. Yes, they grow right in front of my eyes but it is not the same anymore.

I asked the elder girls the other day... Do they prefer me then or now that I have other commitment besides them. Their response was the latter. I'm not surprised though. My sewing time is done when they are in school & at night I still assist them with homework together.

My guilt is towards Nadeen. Worse that now she refuses to sleep with me but chooses her sisters! No, Sri sleeps in her own room. But at night she attends to Nadeen when she wants milk... I don't know how things will be when Sri returns home next month. Yes, this is her final month with us & I pray that the one replacing her is as good as her.

HB now is most of the time home. But whenever he is away, I will make Balqis sleep with me so that Nadeen will come along. I miss her. Could it be a post-nursing syndrome? Is there such thing?


sherry said...

Hi Ja.

Terharu lak KS baca your entry. Jelez sebenarnya. Kalaulah KS boleh jadi macam Ja..duk rumah and at the same time, berkerja..alangkah indahnya dunia!

Have a nice day Ja. Thanks for sharing! Bye-bye!

ms hart said...

Jabishah!! I understand how it feels..the never ending mother's dilemma! What to do, we can't be at every corner of the world at the same time, kan? I have seen your tudung shoppe! In fact I believe I was one of the first few who went there when you first launched it! Ingat nak tinggal comment masa tu, but then shy-shy cat lah pulak..sebab macam too early masa tuh! Anyway, congrats and all the best to you, ok?

ibu,mommy,mom... said...

Hi JA,
I love reading your blog.It makes me feel like I know you:)Thanks for sharing so many beautiful stories..

a&a'smom said...

Ja, it's just gr8 that u r such a wonderful mum who takes care of her kids & also pursue her passion. Dont feel guilty as a happy & fulfilled mum make happy kids.
KEEP UP THE GD JOB & ENJOY UR PASSION AT THE SAME TIME as the kids will eventually leave the nest & we hv to have hobbies to occupy ourselves.

MAMAMIA said...

Yes, there is such a thing. I experienced that post-nursing syndrome. When I stopped breast feeding my youngest, I knew I would never ever experince that again. Lama jugak baru I overcame that problem.

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Sherry,

Tu lah.. Ja consider myself lucky. You hv a great break kak sherry :-)

jabishah said...

Hi ms hart,

Ohhh... dah window shopping ye. ;-) Yasmin is 11 this year. Cepat sgt. Nanti dah keluar dating mama hopes ada one gadget invented so that I can monitor invisibly. Tx again ms hart for the wish.

jabishah said...

Hi Rene,

I hope my stories bring benefits to others. Glad u r one of them :-)

jabishah said...

Hi Sheela,

Cant agree w u more... Not everyone found their passion. I am glad I did & I know you hv found urs as well. So did u run this morning?

jabishah said...

Hi Mamamia,

Good to know Im not the only one. I hate it whenever Nadeen asks for her makcik to put her to bed. Today I managed with ease & she even finished up the whole bottle of milk. Well it's the quantity she drinks that counts right... It took me like forever. Hehehe.. She fell asleep while watching her fav video frm my phone. In my arm... In my arm... That's what important! ;-)