Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Reading - The Journey

Listen up! I am here proud to announce that I have pick up READING again....! Yes. After like soooo looooong , I finally won the battle against whatsoever lame & unintelligent excuses I came up with for giving up the hobby I used to love so greatly.

My journey of the reading kingdom took me way back when I was 8. (lost to Yasmin, hers started at 7). Then I was a member of a library which was abolished to make way for IJN-Institut Jantung Negara. The books of my choice were books with colourful pictures & should not exceed 20pgs. Obviously, I could have finished reading those thin books within 10 minutes... but it was so cool checking out books with your own name written on that small piece of paper at the back page ;-)

At the age of 10 or probably less, I started to appreciate Enid Blyton's short stories. "Anytime Tales", "Bedtime Tales" & Amelia Jane series. Hooked with EB, I continued with Famous 5, Malory Towers & St.Clare's series (no Yasmin, I didn't read Secret 7 then). At 12, I felt that reading EB was rather uncool. I changed to "Nancy Drew Files". A year after, introduced myself to "Sweet Dreams", "Sweet Valley High", "Sweet Valley Twins" & fell in love with those. Other books untouched. I remember my brother whom I hired as my walking library. He was then in VI, wld pass Central Market daily to take the mini bus home. There was this bookstore inside CM, selling pretty cheap books. In fact we could rent out books. If I found any interesting book, I would look for the oldest of its batch. The older the book, the cheaper the rent. Sometimes, I managed to get 50sen for the rental but the condition of the book was very sad. But who cared, as long as readable...

After SRP, I was into Danielle Steel's & then Sidney Sheldon's (or was is Sheldon's first...). Steel never failed to make me cry. That was how engrossed I could be with the protagonist & even with the plot.

At 16, I came across a novel left by my aunt in her room. I sneaked reading the book & fell in love totally with the story. It was my first Jude Deveraux novel - "Highland Velvet". But by this time I had to restrain myself from reading too many novels. Had to put my studies first - SPM.

This was the Highland Velvet that made me so curious to read. Hahaha...!

This is the copy that I bought for myself somewhere last year. Hoping that the cover is not that inviting... ;-)

After SPM, I went back to reading business. Then, was head over hills with Jude Deveraux's & Judith McNaught's. Was really really crazy over their novels! What more... I was in a relationship... & love was in the air! Hahaha!

In college, I ventured other authors'. LaVyrle Spencer for instance and Jackie Collins too. Still cannot runaway from the same genre. Well... love was still in the air! I am definitely a fan of Spencer. Then still made my regular visits to the same bookstore at CM. I think, I have covered all Spencer's books that the store had for rental.

Familiar with Mills & Boon or perhaps, MB? I skipped this era. Tried reading it once... OK, the truth! I found loads of MBs in my aunt's room. I chose one MB & somehow was attracted to the cover of Highland Velvet. Whoaa... MB was very dull! Of course, what was MB in comparison to the genius touch of Deveraux ;-)

I do read biography/autobiography books too. The books will I never touch are thriller & horror. OK... am the coward type. I do sometimes get eerie watching CSI! Go ahead & laugh... I doubt , Harry Porter is a good read for me!

I married early (well...). After having Yasmin, my reading materials were more to books about parenting & babies. My magazine changed too from Cleo (I own the 1st Malaysia issue!) to Mother & Baby. I tried reading books but felt guilty. I was not the type of reader who is discipline with time. There was once I didn't sleep all night just for the sake of finishing a novel which I had read before! Imagine that! So, once becoming a mom I tried my best not to get involved with novels. Now, I opt for Women's Weekly. Malaysian issue of course... cheaper ;-)

Once, Yasmin refused to read a Famous 5 book which was given to her by my friend. She did not like the title, sounded scary - Five Go To Mystery Moor. In order to convince her, I read the first few pages of the book & ended up reading it till the end!

Along the way, I have influenced one person. Not Yasmin. That's inheritance... hehehe. It's HB. He failed to understand the luxury of reading. However, a couple of years back, he joined the boat voluntarily. He's more into Grisham's & Archer's which are not really my cup of tea.

Now, my target is Wardah. She is very much like her father. Not into books but like father, like daughter... easily influenced. I will slowly include reading as one of her hobbies. Time will tell but so far she is making quite a good progress. Will keep you updated ;-)

As for now, I am a Kinsellaholic... hehehe. Thanks to Shera. Will blog about this another time ;-)


Yatie_T said...

Hi Jabishah,
One word I can say after reading your post is "Déjà vu". I love reading and most of the authors are my favourites too, I even go to the same store at CM (mamak bookstore). I love that store.... do you think the bookstore is still there?
I haven't got a chance to read any book since I have my baby, now change to American Baby Magazine and Parenting. I missed this hobby and I think I am passing it to Josh.

wanshana said...

The only books I read now are work-related... Sigh...

lizamurni said...

I'm sure you know my situation...been blogging about it before....
still trying to find the time to sit back and read....
anyway, your favourite authors and books are my favourites too.....

a&a'smom said...

Ja, it's good that you have started reading again. I too started reading again as I wanted to set an example for my boys-practise what u preach mah! I'm happy to say both my boys have now learned to luv books. They read while sitting on the throne b4 going to sch (yes my bathroom downstairs have my boys' books). They also read while travelling in the car. I make Abilash read to me b4 he goes to bed-both BM & eNGLISH BOOKS.A bj is already a book worm.
I too cant leisurely read as got housework & coaching the boys. So I sneak in my reading while DH is driving to the stadium in the mornings & also b4 I go to bed. Most of the reading is done while travelling in the car.

So did u manage to go to the SALam state library last Sun? I was looking out for you.

puteri said...

another kinsella fan! yay! I have shera to thank to too. anyway how do you inculcate this reading habit to your kids? share some parenting skill on that please. i love buying books to the kids but they don't love reading as much as i enjoying buying it.

Shera said...

Ja darling,
Hey, I am now reading Jodi Picoult. Nothing close to Kinsella of course, but I enjoyed them. The recent one I read by Picoult is MERCY (earlier was Plain Truth), just finished it yesterday....Gosh, I so love it. She brought out the hatred, love and empathy in me. I had pouring tears u know. When hatred hit, I had to put the book away for an hour so that I wont rip off the pages! Try it, Ja. MERCY by Jodi Picoult.

I now carry a big handbag in which my Readers Digest and storybooks rest in peacefully until I'm at the bank, clinic, sometimes at the traffic light!

Happy reading dear.

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Hi Ja,
My dad who was then a teacher and writer, would spent a lot of RM on books, magazines and comics. So you can imagine how I live.. asyik membaca saja. Patutlah anak-anak pakai spec he..he..

I looovee Judith Mc Naught. Catherine Coulter - I have basically all her books. Deveraux, Iris Johansen, Julie Garwood, Karen Robards, Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown, LaVyrle Spencer, Virginia Henley are also my favorites. Now I'm tryoing to get Jodi Picoult. I heard her books are also good.

I know that kedai mamak in CM..hehe.. ada lagi ka? Kalau nak used books now, Kak Ja pegi Payless Bookstore saja. Prices there kira not badlah.

jabishah said...

Hi Yatie,
We read almost the same books & adore that mamak bookstore, this means we used to live in the same era! Who knows then you were just next to me reading synopsis of our fav novel. Been years since I last visited CM. My girls hv no idea where that is, I'm sure...
C'mon yatie, start reading again. A good exposure for Josh.

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Shana,
Oklah tu...! If I were to read my work-related books.. that will be the girls' textbooks & exercise books... hehehe!
Take care.

jabishah said...

I understand your situation exactly. A working mom with 3 hyperactive boys minus a maid...& still finding time to read. Cx out my playlist, "Superwoman" I dedicate to you ;-)

jabishah said...

Hi there a&a's mom,
True. Exactly what I'm instilling, besides having to practise what I preach.. ;0
I dont really read while traveling. HB is so used of me co-piloting.. hihihi. I normally read before bed & while waiting in the car to fetch the 2 girls from school. Not only one wait, OK.. Twice for each girl, so 4 waitings. But frankly, sometimes I get out of the hse early just to hv my "me time" alone with my book. Hahaha!
I didn't hv the time to go last wkend. Nobody's complaining coz the 3 of us (HB, Yasmin & I) still hv the books to read. Perhaps this wkend or another. Take care!

jabishah said...

Hi Puteq,
Yup, really love Bloomwood. That's what I opt for nowadays... things to cheer me up. She can definitely make me laugh. Her crazy self. Trying to avoid high in emotions sort of novel with too much drama. The feeling of anxiety is not good for me. In the end, I will start to relate things to the girls which makes it stressful to the mind ;-0
Yasmin is a genuine bookworm. I always make sure she has her book with her whenever in the car when the journey is more than half an hr. Or else, pening kepala with her whining wanting to read & the 2 mischievous partners (Wardah & Balqis) totally forget to keep their mouths shut.
I'm doing a case study though with Wardah. The dirty way. I have almost all the materials she can ask for which are Yasmin's books. Now, am forcing her to sit down & read. I provide her a book & she has to report to me of her reading daily. Since this one loves to talk, she enjoys the reporting far better than the reading... Hahaha! Will update abt her.
But basically, we have to show them that reading itself is very interesting. Like a friend mentioned "practise what you preach..". Not only the mom but the dad too ;-)
Take care now darling.

jabishah said...

Hi Shera,
Am aware that you're into Picoult's. Read it in your blog. I held one of hers quite recently at a bookstore. Hmmm... interesting but I rather stick to chick lit hehehe. But the thought of her "Mercy" at 400 plus pages long makes me want to get it. I always find thicker books are worth the buy. Same price but longer story.
Do you know anywhere nearby bookstore with books for rental? I'm running out of space to accommodate books of diff genre in my family. Last time, there was one in Puchong. That was where I got books for the 3 of us. Now, either the shop has shifted or is no longer in business. N'way, I am checking out SAlam State Library.
Take care.

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Ja,
Wld love to check out your books collection... I read the other authors you mentioned too but my favs, have always been the 3, JM,JD & LVS.
Ramai yg tau kedai kat CM tu rupanye.. No idea, whether it's still there. Last time I was there I was wearing a 26 size Levi's. Hahaha!
Take care Kak Ja.

U.Lee said...

Hi Jabishah, one book good to read is the readers Digest. I grew up from 6 years old with that as well National Geographic mags.
If you come across this book, 'A town like Alice'...read it..about a romance in Malaya 2nd WW.
Or Dr Han Su Yin's, 'Love is a many splendored thing'.
Ernest Hemingways, 'Old man and the sea' is a beautiful, cannot put down book too.
Have fun reading...Lee.
ps, your lemak's scent boleh sampai sini, ha ha.

jabishah said...

Hi Uncle,
I used to subscribe RD but not anymore. I stopped after being a mom. I had no time to finish up each issue. In the end I was reading back dated issues with the latest waiting for me on my table. Hb now subscribes National Geographic Kids for the girls & they enjoy every single page.
Will search for those books. With beautiful titles, I'm sure the storyline is superb.
"Old man & the sea" is one of Hemingways' that I've read...
Enjoy your wkend!

myn said...

erkkkkk!!! sorry but i hate books...guess that's why i started to work early..hehehe & dragging mir along too :D

i have recently bought 3 books on photography...really good books but so far only managed to read up to the 15th page...at most...hehehe

i just hate books...thats all :D