Friday, July 11, 2008

m, a, ma.... t, a, ta .... MATA

I blogged about Balqis's newest kindy (you can read about it here) & this is an update. It has been a month & there was not even a single day she hesitated to go to school. Always cheerful in the morning, looking forward in meeting her friends & teachers.

I have to say that I am satisfied with the kindy. Homework is given daily & my girl has no problem at all completing it. But of course, after her day nap & mama has to be next to her with lengthy words of encouragement.. ;-)

Nowadays, when I caught her playing on her own, I could hear that she was speaking in English. In fact, she now is willing to reply in the language though still speaking with a lisp. Is also practising her words bilingually. There was once I failed to comprehend the word she was uttering. "Itte.." which somehow sounded like eater. She repeatedly pronouncing the same thing but I was clueless. Suddenly she changed to "Ekgu.."! Teacher! Really..! She must have thought what a thick-skulled I was... Normally, my interpreter is Wardah. She understands most of Balqis's unique phonology.

Balqis is now able to recite
doa makan. She never misses one at every meal & gets offended if anyone recites another doa after hers.

Today, on the way back home I asked her about school. What she did, things she learned... Then she started spelling.
"m, a, ma... t, a, ta... mata" ( I was very impressed.. & very proud)

She continued...
"m, a, ma... t, a, ta... nasi" ( I corrected her but was ignored)

She went on...
"m, a, ma... t, a, ta... oren" (Again I tried to correct but it was pointless)

She persisted...
"m, a, ma... t, a, ta... pisang" (That did it! I went red controlling hard not to laugh)

She wore this confident look which deterred me to play teacher. Instead, gave her a compliment. I played along & said out loud "m, a, ma... t, a, ta... mata". Give her a break... she's only 3!


wanshana said...


Hey, for a 3-year old, she's doing very well indeed! Some kids at that age still do not understand the concept of alphabets and spelling.

So, give Balqis a BIG (((((Hug)))))) from Aunty (M,A, MA... T,A, TA...) SHANA ;)

Nic said...

tell her good work from me!

U.Lee said...

Hi Jabishah, your daughter is growing up...ta'lama lagi can help be your assistant in the kitchen, help tumbuk chillie or belachan, make sambal belachan, ha ha.

Jabisha, I need your help re translation...I learned these songs when I was 7 years old, and in my teens when mixing with my Malay friends...know the songs by heart have it in my Blog player.

But can you tell me the meaning of, "Lenggang kangkong"? I know kangkong, but...'lenggang'?
As well...the song, "Nona zaman sekarang'....what is the meaning? I know it is a cheeky song. Ha ha. I listen to these songs everyday in my blog, ha ha...brings back my 7 years old memories.
Terima kaseh, Lee.

Shera said...

Ok lah tu...what to expect from a 3-year-old girl. My daughter just started her first kindy at 5 years old, now. Progressing. She best spells S-U-S-U, the only thing that most matters to her!!!!

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Shana,
Hehehe... At this age it is cute kan. But dah besar eja mcm tu jgk.. tau lah cute tak cute ;-)

(((Hugs))).. from Balqis .

jabishah said...

Tx La... Mmuah!

jabishah said...

Hehehe...Talk abt susu, Balqis then panggil formula susu but susu mama milk... hehehe! She was bf till 2yrs & 2 wks.
Take care now.

jabishah said...

Hello Uncle Lee,
I learned that song back in school. Beautiful melody. Lenggang is sway as in this case it is the swaying of the watercress. The lyrics of the song is in a pantun format. The 1st, 2 or 3 lines written merely to make it rhymes with the last 2 or 3 lines, which are the meaningful msg conveyed.
As for the other song, Nona means lady. Basically the song is comparing how bold & daring the ladies are now compared to before. Relatively in the the way they dress. A cheeky song, yes ;-)

U.Lee said...

Hi Jabishah, terima kaseh seribu...ha ha, at least I know, "lenggang" means 'sway', whooohooo! Don't be surprised see I use this word in my postings one of these days, ha ha.
I love both the songs as well 'burung kaka tua'.
Thank you once again, Jabisha...
apa masak hari ni? Lee.

lizamurni said...

Comel la Balqis ni.....sesuai tak ngan Danish? hihihihi....

Read in your previous comment that you wanted to give away your books? Bagi kat I jer, boleh tak?....planning to open up a bookshop with the same concept as in CM tu....

jabishah said...

Hello Uncle,
No problem at all ;-)Looking forward to your next post.

jabishah said...

Hi dikny,
Danish? Hehehe... Bagi kakak2 lepas dulu ;-)
Did I really write I was giving away my books? Tak ingat pulak. I've no intention of doing that but don't mind to lend. Yasmin at 9 has been asking whether she can start reading Shopaholic Series. Kan the cover tu catchy skt.. Nasib dia tak mintak nak baca Mc Naught's Hahaha! But really nak set up a bookshop? Bestnye...It was one of my dreams too. I can give away a few books but frankly I hv no idea where those came frm ;-)

Yatie_T said...

Balqis was really cute! I wish I could hear her spelling M,A,MA...T,A,TA....pisang! If you have a video of here spelling, please share it with us. Take care.

myn said...

its ok i guess...for a 3 years old...unless of course...she says
"M,A, MA...T,A, TA....mama nak mintak duit!!!"

whoahahahaha...then maybe you need to do something...heheh

jabishah said...

Hi yatie,
That was cute, wasn't it? Hehehe... unfortunately I did not have the video of her spelling. If I do, I promise to share.
Have a good day!

jabishah said...

Hahaha! Ye lah tu myn.... Nanti I jwplah m,a, ma t,a, ta, mintak papa ;-D