Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nadeen's 1st raya at 10 month

Nadeen turns exactly 10 months on the 2nd day of raya. She is very mobile now, crawling. Weighs 9.1kg. Her legs are stronger & able to stand holding on to someone or something. She also responds to her name. Very selective with people now. Her favourite is still papa & mama is well... second best ;-)

She was down with fever 2 days before
raya. Alhamdulillah, was back on her knees on Aidil Fitri itself. Of course she didn't understand the meaning of Aidil Fitri yet. Hated it when others attempted to carry her. What more when she was not fully recovered from the fever.

As promised, these are the
raya pictures I managed to snap (or troubled others to... hehehe) for raya this year. Enjoy the pictures. Hope your raya was as good as mine was...

The Raya Banner for this year by my girls & their small uncles

HB is sure lucky having 4 girls fussing over his butang baju Melayu

The girls seeking for forgiveness from papa.

Yasmin's turn with her younger sisters.

When it was Wardah's turn, Balqis chose to sit on the sofa instead... Who can argue with a 3-year-old?

All 5 girls. Nadeen was restless... poor girl.

Raya with their grandparents.

Check out that cheeky smile & her duit raya...

The girls with wan & atuk

Family photo - Aidil Fitri 2008

Lovey-dovey us ;-)

HB's big family in Klang

I was surprised with a birthday cake. Seriously, I had no idea about it. The girls & HB are getting better each year with surprises (there had been many years I had to act surprised... hehehe).

From Klang, we rushed to my grandmother's house in Rembau. The journey took almost 2 hrs but it was peaceful in the car. All 4 had a nap..

HB fell for this fresh, green petai (stink bean). It was a hit amongst my uncles & aunties!

At my wan's kampung, I had another surprise cake! Wow... I love this double celebration!!

The girls were fascinated with this hen laying eggs... hahaha!

Have a wonderful raya. Drive safely home.


wanshana said...

Ghombau kek mano tu, Ja?

Kampong laki den kek Padang Lebar nun :)

Lovely pics - as always!

a&a'smom said...

Yeah, lovely pics! I just luv the pic of the 2 lovely couple. Wow, what a bday-2 cakes!

MrsNordin said...

Two cakes for your birthday? Wonderful! Glad you've had a good raya. I like the photo of your 2 girls tergolek dok tidur dalam kereta. Hee... hee... they sure look exhausted!

Oldstock said...

Happy belated birthday Ja. Muda lagi tu... ;-)

Seems like you had a very nice raya. Love the pics.

jabishah said...

Ghombau kek Chongkau nun. Hahaha!

Tx Kak Shana... ;-)

jabishah said...

Yes, a&a's mom... 2 cakes. I couldn't be luckier. Hehehe!

jabishah said...

Mmg cute je that pic kan? Lagi 2 tak dpt snapped pasal tak nmpk..

jabishah said...

Tx oldstock. Im sure your raya was a blast too ;-)

Waterlily said...

Hi Ja!

Meriah betul your Raya celebration - dapat 2 cakes lagi!

I like the last pic, your anak2 with the hen. My children pun captivated dengan ayam2 kat kampung. My dad letak a few dalam reban kecik, so hari hari my two younger children visit ayam tu..heh heh..kat UAE tak jumpa ayam hidup laaa...

U.Lee said...

Hi Jabishah, Wow! Captain sure one lucky guy, lima perumpuan fussing over him. Hmmm, sure envy him, and all beautiful girls too, ha ha.
Jabishah, I love your pictures, gosh! I feel warm just looking at them, and your kids all looking so beautiful in their new raya clothes.

I love your family portrait....very nice, Jabishah...
I love the really colourful bajus, and can imagine the laughter and fun you all had.
You keep well and hugs to Nadeen....he not the only one down with fever, saya pun, suda satu minggu ko'ed!
By the way, ada senang pop over to my pondok. bring paper and pencil along, ha ha.
You stay beautiful Jabishah and best regards to Captain, Lee.

Yatie_T said...

seronok tengok gambar2 raya tambah lagi 2 bday cakes pulak tu. My niece ada buat video ucapan raya for me, sedih tengok tapi kalau tak dapat beraya bersama2.... dapat tengok pun jadi lah kan? Once again, Selamat Ulang Tahun ke 34 dan Selamat Hari Raya. Insyaallah kalau ada masa dan rezeki, harap2 dapat jumpa dgn your family in Jan 09 coz I'll be in KL for a month. :)

jabishah said...

Hello Waterlily,

Waaa.. seronok raya kat Sarawak? My raya was great but of courselah penaaat! Semua kena handle sendiri kan..

I caught Wardah was about to take one of the eggs. Menjerit mama dia. Mahu satu kampung dgr. Sbb I pun takut, dia pulak berani nak ambik.. Kena patuk. mama jgk yg pening!

Dah blk AUH ke?

jabishah said...

Hi uncle,

I hope you are better now. I bet it's getting colder right. You take good care of yourself. Ask auntie to make lots of hot soup for you ;-)

I love the pic of the girls fussing over their papa too. But Nadeen & Balqis were backing the cam. I love the girls' pic with their grandparents. I could see the happiness in their wide smile.

Will hop over to your place shortly. Mana pen & kertas ni...