Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Hehehe..! My helper is home!! Alhamdulillah... We fetched her up on Monday night. It is only today that I have the chance to write about it. Tuesday we had guests for lunch & dinner. Yesterday, Wardah was down with mild fever & now in fact, HB has his 3 friends outside at the garden having coffee over kuih raya. That's my HB... Loves having friends & relatives over.

My helper (Sri) was scheduled to land on Monday evening at 1935. HB rang up a friend to find out whether she had boarded the plane at 1530, half an hour before her flight time. Much to my agony, she did not! At 1600, I gave HB a call but his phone was switched off which I assumed he was on his way flying back to KL. I was indeed tensed.

Quarter to 1800, I shipped all the girls in my old MPV & drove to KLIA. We were to fetch HB who landed at 1830. Waited for him at Eden & while ordering he approached us with this assuring look. Sri's name was listed as one of the passengers on AK 105... Phewww!

Still I did not have the confidence telling Balqis. The elder girls knew that we were at the airport to fetch Sri but not Balqis. She is the closest to my helper. So far, she coped very well with Sri's absence. If Sri failed to turn up, it would be easier explaining to the elder girls than to Balqis. Yasmin & Wardah was so good playing along with the plan.

We finished dinner at half past 7. After Maghrib, we rushed to LCCT (another nearby airport). Reached there almost half past 8 & straight my eyes searched the flight schedule screen monitor for AK 105. Her flight landed at 1928. But.... there was no sight of her! OK.. was still having hopes though.

Wardah wanted to go to the toilet. All of us accompanied her without HB who was I bet, in stress looking for a parking space. Once the girls were done, we headed to the arrival hall... again, no sight of her. Errgh...!

Balqis was whining & asking why we were there. She knew that we were at an airport. Repeatedly asking me where we were flying to. At one point, I almost blurted it out & that would definitely spoil the plan. Good thing she got distracted playing with Nadeen.

Almost 9pm, HB called. He was inside the arrival hall & saw Sri lining up for immigration check. That was a big relief... I tell you! When she appeared outside the arrival hall, the girls were screaming out for her. I felt the warmth. Don't know why... Sri too responded affectionately to my girls non-stopped telling her almost everything that happened whilst she was away. Balqis especially was smiling all the way home.

At home, Sri presented Balqis a gift from Indonesia. A doll which she adores a lot. HB sort of scolded Sri for wasting her money but I knew, the looks my girls wore upon seeing the doll were priceless! She also brought back some raya goodies from home, also harum manis mangoes which I loved a lot.

Balqis napping with her new doll. Quite scary lah the doll. It cries non-stop if you pull out the pacifier!

Things are back to normal now. I am back active blogging & facebooking (what a life... hehehe). No more rushing with chores whenever Nadeen is napping. No more late night ironing after the girls' bedtime. No more all 4 girls in tow whenever I am out. It was a great experience, I have to admit. I love the closeness & the privacy. However, I am very glad that Sri is home.

ps- Both my siblings' helpers also went home for raya but none returned home. That's why I was extremely relieved in seeing Sri at the airport...


wanshana said...


I pun tumpang happy!!! :)

Selamat menjadi Ma'am kembali... Hehehe!

By the way, how's her daughter doing?

jabishah said...

Kak Shana,

Dah kekok lah jadi ma'am.. hehehe! That was so selfish of me. I did not update abt her daughter at all. Terrible me...

Well, she was in ICU for a week but on the 3rd raya which was less than a month after the operation she was back home. Frankly, I was not sure what was the complication. Dah lah tak paham sgt medical term ni, tambah lagi dgn her native words explanation. But it was really cancer. According to her, the daughter is 85% recovered. Alhamdulillah... Still she has to do monthly cx up.

a&a'smom said...

I'm so happy for you. My maid too was held up at the immigration as she had to fill up some forms when she went back last year. She has a hp so I cld call her. Thank God , she decided to extend another year which will be her 6th year with me.

lizamurni said...

Glad to hear that your helper is back safe and sound...

Waterlily said...


Alhamdulillah....balik jugak your maid :) Boleh lah relax sikit, ooppss...relax banyak!

Now you can blog all you can! :)


Sathiya said...

Ja Dear,

Glad to hear tht ur helper is back. I knw how stressful it must have been. Been there!


Waterlily said...

Hi Ja

I've been meaning to ask you this before but somehow terlupa pulak (or termalu :) )

How do you put the words in the photos that you take? I noticed you put 'Jabisha's ' in all the photos, so macam patented pulak with your blog name.

Sorry, out of topic but enlighten me ok ;)

Ezza Aziz said...

Sri dah balik! Akak pun tumpang gembira. Lepas ni boleh la update blog ni selalu ya..Masak apa hari ni? Oh ya ,pasal resepi kek tu,akak ada bagi komen sikit kat dapor akak tu..senang nanti you tengok la ya.

jabishah said...

a&a's mom,

Good for you. Now the fees are very high. Last I heard was reaching 7k. Madness!

jabishah said...

Tx dikny. Now you remain as the supermom...I dah turun takhta. Hehehe! Salute you dikny..

jabishah said...

Hi Waterlily,

Tu la.. now am hooked with the net blk. But bz skt now. HB off 2 days & stby 3 days tak kena panggil... Not that Im complaining. Hahaha!

Anyway, I use canon software (zoombrowser ex) for the text. What cam do you use? Try cxing on the software. It shld be there under edit. Insert text or something. Try lah ;-)

I once caught a blog stealing my food pic. Not that I mind if the blog owner asks for my permission first... sigh.

jabishah said...

Tx Sathiya,

Ya lah.. been there, done that. Penat kan? You keep on posting. I am a follower of your blog ;-)

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Ezza,

Mmg lega Sri dah balik. Kalau tak memanjang bersilat. Tapi yg sakit hati, dekat sebulan tak berhelper & dlm bulan puasa lagi... berat turun 2kg je! Cit! Hahaha..
Ok nanti ja cx comment tu. Tx.

U.Lee said...

Hi Jabishah....ahhh, sekarang boleh relax sikit, ya?
Does she cook Indon dishes?
You know, I have always loved the Indonesian accent....they add an 'R' behind almost every word, ha ha.
Bet your car well known at the airport sending and fetching Captain to and fro? Ha ha.
Big hugs to Nadeen, Lee.

MrsNordin said...

That's very thoughtful of her to buy the doll for Balqis. I'm sure you all are happy to see her again. I hope her daughter will get better too.

Yatie_T said...

I am happy for you. Now that your helper is back, boleh lah "berblogging" yea.

jabishah said...

Hello uncle,

Yes she cooks. I love her stir fries but HB doesn't eat he cooking. He prefers me cooking for which I hv no objection. ;-)

Not all the time I send him off to the airport. He has his own pick-up to the airport.

Take care now.

jabishah said...


Yes, indeed. I wld love for her to work for us longer but perhaps age factor wont permit. She will be 46 this Nov.

Her daughter is doing well.. Alhamdulillah.

jabishah said...

Hi yatie,

Yup ni sibuk berblogging & ber facebooking ni... hehehe!