Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our Blanco & a friend

Blanco is close to 5 months. A healthy lad I must say... The girls love him dearly. They are very responsible with their pet too. When my helper was on leave, they did help me. Yasmin was in charged to get rid of the poops. Wardah with the food & Balqis with water.Even HB never failed bathing him whenever necessary. Blanco was also a help. He was an entertainer to Nadeen whenever she was outside in her stroller (Nadeen loves watching Blanco playing by its own). That was the time I got busy doing the house chores outdoor.

You know, I too am slowly showing affection towards Blanco. He is such a dear. I enjoy watching the girls playing with him. Even Balqis is no longer afraid of him.

Believe it or not it was me who took the trouble getting him a cage & a basket for him to sleep in. He has completed his treatment for worms & fungal infections (Remember? He was a stray kitten when we found him. You can read here). He is due for his 2nd vaccination next week...

HB & I are rather particular about Blanco's vaccination. Not merely for his health but our main concerns are the girls'. They get daily contacts with Blanco. Of course we want to make sure that he is disease free.

Here is Blanco now.

Blanco with his scratcher cum toy.

A fortnight back during one of Blanco's weekly visits to the vet, the girls came across a kitten in a cage with "Please Take Me Home" written on a piece of paper. I saw the girls inquiring their papa & shortly after that little feet of 6 pitter-pattered towards me... begging, pleading, whining to bring the kitten home. I eyed HB who gave me an approval smile. I stared at him with wide-eyes! Another pet??? In the end, I lost. Hey, it was an unfair battle... 4 against 1!

To make the story short, we adopted that poor little kitten but with 1 condition. It is allowed home only after my helper is back. As most of you know, my helper safely made it home last week & the very next day the girls reminded us to bring the kitten home.

The kitten was taken to the clinic at a week old. She (yes, it's a she...) spent most of her time confined in a cage. On her first day home, she was shocked adapting to loud sounds, cheerful children & even to her own species.

Blanco was extremely thrilled having a friend to play with...

The response from his new buddy was not comparable to his excitement though ;-)

After a while... even Blanco gave up. Hahaha! Here is the best pose of them both.

She was too busy adapting to her new surrounding.

Checking out this & that. She totally ignored Blanco, the girls & even my lens...

That night Blanco was being a real gentleman. He sacrificed the luxury of his comfy basket & made do sleeping in the toilet. But this new member of the family turned a little violent the following day. Blanco could not even go near her. She made this defensive snarl & was ready to attack. We separated them.

Later in the evening I found them playing together. We almost wanted to give away the new kitten which of course would cause a dramatic crying scene in my household! Now, Blanco has a play mate which I'm sure will soon be the mother to his future kittens. Like Yasmin put it last night...

"Mama, are you aware that if Blanco has anak (kids) you will be a grandmother!"... Errrk!

I've never digested it that way...! Hahaha! HB named the new kitten Bonita which means beautiful in Spanish. Reminded me of my fav song... La Isla Bonita by Madonna.

A recent pic of our Bonita


Yatie_T said...

Awww..... that was really sweet. Now that Blanco has a partner and lets hope you won't be a grandma anytime soon. Haru gitu. hahaha
I like all your shots of Blanco and Bonita, very nice.

leen said...

Such a handsome Blanco!

Yelah Ja...soon before you even realise it, you'll be 'nenek' already. Tapi takpe, 'nenek' yang vogue gitu hahaha...

Can't wait to see the 'kids' :-)

Waterlily said...

Wah Ja...! Kalau tak dijaga betul betul tu, ramai cucu you nanti :)

Kena bawak jumpa vet cepat cepat si Blanco tu..;)

wanshana said...


Blanco is so handsome maaaa...

And Bonita tu, macam Diva la pulak, ya?! Hehehe!

Unless you want to open up a business of supplying kittens, like Waterlily said - you'd better bring Blanco to the vet cecepat! (But, is there a minimum age to do what needs to be done to him?)

a&a'smom said...

Wow, so nice to see ur son grown into such a handsome lad! I just luv the pics of thrilled Blanco & Bonita-comelnya!!! Lovely bells on their necks-blue for Blanco & pink for Bonita.

Hub hates animals except on his plate, sigh. I had a short lived joy when there were some puppies near my taman. I one it never fails to lie on his tummy for me to rub whenever he sees me. Hub makes me have a bath after giving Belly Boy a good tummy rub. My neighbour took this stray dogs & dumped it elsewhere as it was soiling the road (hmm, think Hub might have something to do with it also).

MrsNordin said...

Besarnya collar si Bonita ni! :)

Once you've adopted a cat, he'll be part of your family, forever.

We have one cat named "Mohd Budin b. Mohd Nordin"! Hee.. hee... (actually, nama dia Budin je...)

jabishah said...

Tu la yatie... Nasib they can only mewing. Klu pandai panggil nenek... oh tidak!
Tx.I love the shots too. Not easy tho taking Bonita's pic. Blanco, he's a real model.. ;-)

jabishah said...

I like that... nenek vogue. Hahaha! Hari tu the girls mcm nak nangis bila mir ckp tak nak bagi Bonita beranak... Kelakar lah diorg ni!

jabishah said...

Wlily, I rasa I bagi chance diorg beranak once. Kesianlah pulak kan? But maybe not taking Blanco kut tu the vet... hilang macho gitu! Hahaha! Maybe Bonita.. But I'll get the vet's piece of advice first.

jabishah said...

Kak Shana,

Tu la... handsome lah plak anak jantan ku tu. Jgn dah besar nanti jadi Romeo sudah!

Bonita tu mcm ada mix. But according to the vet, she is merely a domestic short hair breed.

I will find out soon frm the vet. What's the best for them & us... hahaha! But my elder girls dah janji dgn friends tu nak agih2kan kittens... ;-)

jabishah said...

Sheela, I too am proud of my son. Getting handsome daily...hehehe.

The girls of course chose the collars. But really the bell are really convenient. I still don't allow them inside the hse since Nadeen is in the crawling stage still. Most of the time they are in the garden & in the cage at night.

But seriously, dogs can be so cute. I bumped across a lot of diff breeds at the clinic. Comel! Too bad your hubby does not approve.. Im sure your A&A will get so excited!

jabishah said...

Tu laa yg paling kecil I jumpa. The girls tak mau yg less fancy... Hentamlah.
But true, they are now part of the family. Hari tu blk raya blk lama kat rumah my mom in Keramat, siap angkut si Blanco tu.
Share lah gamba si Budin tu.;-)

U.Lee said...

Hi Jabishah, alamak, dua kuching? I love cats, but my wife pulak allergic to cat's fur.
So either trade in wife get a cat or ...? Ha ha.
My wife good cook, so will forget the cat, ha ha.
Your Blanco is so white.

We have a friend here, has a white Persian cat, calls him 'Snowflake". Vey manjah, only sleeps on their bed, cheeeee! Lee.

jabishah said...

Hello uncle,
Yes blanco is very whit. Thats why we call him blanco, white in spanish. Very manly too.. just that one friend kidded why dint we call him liquid paper instead.. hahaha!
I love to admire Persian cats but they are indeed high maintenance.
And uncle you made a very wise decision there abt auntie & cats.. ;-)