Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thanks little fishies!

I've heard so much of this latest spa done by little fishies but never had the time & opportunity to try. Yesterday however, after doing some groceries at Giant hypermarket, I came across a kiosk for this talked bout Fish Spa. Of course, didn't miss the chance...

We were there during office hours hence the place was empty. Once HB dipped his feet into the water, the little fish speed swam towards him. Hahaha! Check this out...

It sure was ticklish at first...

But you kind of get used to it & after a while, enjoying it. It is quite cheap really. RM12 for 20 mins & RM18 for half an hour.

This is yours truly's feet.

Compare that with HB's.

And HB's

And HB's.. hahaha! I have a strong feeling somebody won't agree to my posting these. ;-)

Balqis was with us & wondering what on earth were her parents doing. The girl in charged was so sweet for allowing Balqis to test her curiosity. Unfortunately, not even 1 fish nibbled on Balqis's feet..

According to the staff, the name of the fish is Garra Rufa. Never heard of it but once, I watched Ian Wright did the same spa in Globe Trekker, somewhere in Turkey if I'm not mistaken. Give it a try if you have the chance... ;-)

* sorry that the images are not sharp. My only toy at that moment was only my SonyEricsson 2mpeg cam phone .


a&a'smom said...

Guess the fish didnt nibble much at Balqis feet since she didnt have as much dead skin as u older guys!

Waterlily said...

Tergelak I tengok expression HB you tu Ja! Geli teramat sangat lah tu..hahahahaha....

I have to try this treatment la, so many ppl have been talking about it. Nanti lah, next time I balik KL... :)

Wlily rasa bila buat treatment ni nanti, the whole darn fishes kat dalam tank tu berkerumun kat kaki Wlily, ye lah, orang baru balik dari padang pasir ni..ntah hapa hapa ada terlekat kat kaki ni haa.. :)

jabishah said...

Yes, I have to agree with you. I guess HB had gotten more dead skin than me. Hehehe... ;-)

jabishah said...


I hope he won't kill me for uploading that pic... hahaha! Klu Razmyn tgk ni, bagai nak rak I bet dia gelak..

Yup, you must give it a try. I nak pergi lagi nx week. The kiosk will only be there for a month. If at the Fish Spa salon, it is rather pricey. Bendanye sama aje..

U.Lee said...

Hi Jabishah, hey, you ta'geli ke? Apa ikan tu suka gigit kakis?
I have never seen these before...now I'm wondering if put in bathtub...then kita masuk...Holy Smoke! Tentu geli....ha ha. Bet Nadeen facinated, huh?
Hey, you better count yourtoes, make sure all ada lagi?
Especially Captain punya kaki, otherwise apa macham dia nak tekan plane punya brakes? Ha ha.
You have a nice day, Lee.

jabishah said...

Hi Uncle,
Ya lah.. it was really geli at first. That was why I got bust snapping photos. After a while I got used to it...
Next time you blk kg uncle, do give it a try ;-)

wanshana said...

I'm with Waterlily - kelakar tengok your HB's expression! Hahaha!

I think kalau nak ikut deadskin, I probably need bigger and more fishies than these kot? Lepas tu, the fishies will have to take a break, before sambung balik :)

jabishah said...

Kak Shana,

Hehehe... cute je kan suamiku ;-) Nampak je garang tapi very the ticklish!

Klu boleh beli simpan kat rumah Garra Rufa ni kan syok? Mesti gemuknye kita bela.. hahaha!