Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Wardah!

Like every year, new year is a double celebration for the family. Not only that it is the beginning of a new year, it is also my Wardah's birthday.

Wardah is indeed a lucky girl. A new year baby & able to skip a year in school. I'm glad that even she is the youngest in her class, she manages to give quite a competition. That's the spirit Wardah!

Her date of birth is also rather classic. 1st January 2001 & her future IC starts with 010101. No, I didn't go for a C-section 8 years ago. It was a normal delivery whereby I first experienced nature birth. With my first child Yasmin I opted for epidural & frankly it was the same plan for that second delivery.

I was supposed to deliver in a fortnight time. On the 30th, I remember sending HB to the airport with my dad. He was leving for Nagoya & should be home on time before the due date. On New Year Eve, I started feeling uncomfortable at my stomach area. Eased myself but denied it as the contraction. I was at my parents' & the hospital is just 5-10 minutes away.

It was the month of Syawal & I remembered my relatives came over for lunch. I was in pain but kept telling the baby inside to wait for a few more days. But HB would only return on the 3rd & do you think Wardah as she is now would buy that & agreed to postpone what she had intended to do? Wardah as a child is exactly as she was as a baby & even a foetus! Very curious & totaly inquisitive!

When I could not stand the pain anymore, I surrendered to my dad who was ready anytime. It was funny though how he had to take leaves just because her daughter is having a baby.... hehehe.

To make it short, I reached the labour room with 8cm dialation & no chance at all for epidural. How irony, when I was fighting with my first experience with labour pain, my husband was not next to me. Guess who was? Another classic... it was my mother-in-law! My mom had to entertain Yasmin who didn't want anyone else but her.

We had a small do this evening. I invited a few of her classmates for a late tea. Unfortunately I left my dslr at home. I am now in Klang at my in-laws'. I have a dental apointment for Balqis very early tomorrow morning in Klang. Will update this post with the photos.. ;-)

To Wardah, Happy Birthday. Love you !

* here are the photos as promised....(updated Jan. 4th)

Baked choc cake for her. I know, no decorations because...

Didn't want to outshine the candles.

It was not that easy lighting up those candles in the breeze. HB had the little ones as wind shield ;-)

This was the best we could do...

Singing the birthday song to Wardah.

The cheerful face of the birthday girl.

The birthday girl with her sisters & friends.


Ezza Aziz said...

Happy birthday wardah....semuga menjadi anak yang soleh..aminnnn

Jar,kalau sempat singgah lah ke rumah akak...

Tup tap anak kita dah besar. Tak lama lagi mungkin akan meninggal kan kita for good. Lama lama tinggal berdua saja,itu pun kalau hubby you dah retired. Kalau tak,tinggal lah you sorang2 kan....hahahah

myheartbleeds said...

Happy Birthday, Wardah!! so, wardah will be in Primary 3 this year together with those born in 2000?? Untung setahun, kan?

My Misha was born on 3 Feb 2001 and going to Primary 2. And her IC no is quite unique too -- 030201 :-D

lizamurni said...

Happy birthday to Wardah....

Oldstock said...

Hi Ja,

Wow... Wardah's IC number is going to start with 010101. That's special, macam binary code la pulak :-)

Reading your story about the delivery of your second child reminded me of the birth of my second son. He was born on 18 Jan 1991. I told my wife, kalau dapat tahan sehari lagi, birthday our son would be 19.1.1991.

Dia kata, maha boleh nak tahan-tahan, memang budak tu dah nak keluar... heheheh.

jabishah said...

Thank you kak Ezza.... ameen.

Ja nak sgt pergi rumah akak hari tu tapi takde transport. Mmg boring betul sbb pagi sabtu tinggal kitaorg 5 beranak dgn pembantu je kat rumah. HB kerja & yg lain ada hal masing2.

Betul lah kak. Cepat je diorg ni dah besar kan. Nadeen pun dah nak jln dah ni.

jabishah said...

Hi mhb,

A ah... unique lah misha's ic nanti. Mcm countdown. Hehehehe. Wardah mmg untung setahun. Nasib I was aware of that arrangement. So even in kindy she joined the one class ahead of her.

Thanks for the wish :-)

jabishah said...

Thank you aunty dikny ;-)

jabishah said...

Hi oldstock,

Hehehe.. ye lah mana boleh thn2... but klu a day late best kan the date.

tireless mom said...

Happy belated birthday to Wardah. Many happy returns for the year.

SpiderLily said...

Mama.... What is that thingy at the top?? Its so...