Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Simple Treat

Still remember Balqis & her teeth extraction episode? No, nothing to worry. She is doing remarkably good. It's no surprise really... That girl inherits the guts from her maternal side ;-)

Well anyway, if not for the help of our dear friend with
kabel besar lengan hehehe... I'm pretty sure Balqis's teeth or should I say tunggul would still be intact and we, like it or not might have to pay through the nose to *YMC.

As an appreciation, we went out for dinner together with Dr. F's family last weekend. It was more like an investment on our side for more unseen future favours. Hahaha! Wink! Wink! Once again, thank you! Jasamu dikenang!

Of course, I won't sign off before sharing the moment ;-)

My girls & Fatin

Balqis & Arif were occupied with the inhouse kids activities.

While waiting for food, Yasmin was rereading one of the 3 books she brought along in her sling bag (serious!) & the moment HB's camera focused on Wardah, she suddenly was in reading mode... Fatin, I believe was busy with a Fun Activity book brought by Wardah.

The girls at this point were hungry. It was a full house in the restaurant that night. However nothing or nobody seemed to bother my Yasmin.

Hafiz was engrossed with the music.

Finally the appetizer arrived & came the 1st stick.

The 2nd helped him/herself.

Yee Sang!

Trying their luck on more shrimps...

We didn't taste even a bite. You know, the last time we ordered, none of my girls really enjoyed it. The parents had to settle with these fried mushrooms instead...

No more pics. Once the main courses served, the camera was left untouched! ;-D


lizamurni said...

Which restaurant was that? Food looks tempting...
Yasmin is just like me when I was her age....always with books wherever I went but unfortunately, not now, well, you know my story about reading....hihihi

MAMAMIA said...

I love to see kids who love reading. Zaman macam2 games sekarang ni, it's becoming a rare sight.

A ah lah, you forgot to mention, which restaurant.

jabishah said...

Hi dikny,

It was Tony Ramos At Sunway Pyramid. Am a frequent there. Jemir suka the ribs.

Oooo... padan pun pakai glasses! We are very particular with Yasmin whenever she reads. I dont think she can handle glasses that well. She is one "minah cicir"... I bet we might hv to buy many pairs a year! ;-)

jabishah said...

Hi mamamia,

Busy I bet now which school starting.

Of all my girls only Yasmin reads. Wardah finds it a drag to even read a page. Balqis is very much like her 2nd sis & Nadeen is still young to tell. I hope she will follow Yasmin. Byk tu story books in the study room. Even I sometimes, baca blk famous 5... hahaha. Terkenang zaman nak jadi spy dolu2.

fiza said...

Hi Ja...
thanx for the treat...ooooo...ada udang di sebalik mee ye....he he he ala...selagi i di prob..anything..just tu...i yang punyer....wa..bak kata my mom kan....;=)
psst.. i baru je antar borang opsyen pilih pencen la kat gomen..boleh contact bila dah umur 50 pun..cucu u pun boleh nak cabut gigi kat sini..wa ha ha ha( ni hubby cakap )

jabishah said...

Fiza, mee takde udang tak best woo... ;-)

Waaa ye ke? Smpi pencen? Ni ada hajat nak replace sushila ke? Hahaha!

Alaaa takkan cabut gigi je kut. Bkn ke GH tu full with specialists? Hint! Hint!