Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To run cross-country from your mom!

So far, none of my girls are into sports. It seems that my genes are stronger in them... hahaha! I managed to skip 2 years in a row from attending their Sport's Day. What was the point of me going? There was nobody for me to cheer for... ;-)

I attended last year's though. Yasmin took part in the march past... The march past & again another point to her maternal genes. I was like forever doing the march past for my team!

She announced over dinner last Tuesday (this is kinda basi already, it was Tuesday, Jan the 20th) about this Cross Country.

"Mama, wish me luck for tomorrow. I'm taking part in the school's cross country."

We did & HB went preaching on safety awareness. Very typical of him... The dos & the don'ts. I waited until he was done & shared with Yasmin, my plan.

"Didn't you say that you would pass Uncle B's house? I will be there standing by to snap some photos."

And HB continued...

"Sorry that papa has to work tomorrow. Mama will be around with her camera & share the photos with me."

Yasmin looked worried. Obviously, she did not agree with the idea. She whined...

"Do you have too? You've been to the school before. My friends can recognise you."

"OK, OK, I wear my sunglasses."

"Do you really have too?......"

What do you reckon? Of course, I did go. :=D

The cross country was for the years 4,5 & 6. After I sent off all 3 girls to their respective places that morning, had breakfast at home & drove to Uncle B's house.

I was late. In front of me were students swarming the road. Well, I managed to get through though. Found Yasmin running out from her group to make herself visible as for me to snap her photo (I told her to be friendly to my lens when I sent her off that morning... hehehe). But I was in the car & she was too fast for me!

I knew the route they took. They would take one big turn to school. I stopped the car by the roadside, holding on to my toy & waited. I didn't get out of the car as I didn't want Yasmin's friends to notice me. I even drove HB's car not mine. Another thing was because Nadeen was around too giving her supports... ;-)

I patiently waited for her. A group after another passed by but there was no sign of Yasmin. Nope! Was not worried at all about her... I knew that she would definitely take her sweet time. (The same thing I used to do...)

A teacher was doing his rounds on his motorbike... Not much to the participants' liking ;-)

I then noticed a group. What caught my attention was, one of the runners suddenly changed from walking mode to running mode. Hahaha! It was Yasmin alright...

Spot the blue arrow? That was Yasmin ;-)

When I asked her later at home, she said that she did not expect to see me again. Thought that I had passed her earlier & that was it. You should know me better than that darling! Hehehe...

Now, let's analyse these photos carefully.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6

Photo 7

What do you have in mind? Hahaha...! It was so clear that my girl was running away from ME! She was practically sprinting! Try to zoom in Photo 5. The expression she wore was priceless. She was like saying, "Oh NO! Not my mom AGAIN....!" And I am 100% positive that she stopped running once I was out of the picture! Hahaha...


Ezza Aziz said...

Yasmeen susah hati oo..mana saja dia pergi,mama dia pasti ada...

Akak pun ada pengalaman macam ni jugak. Sampai mintak ampun anak akak minta kami jangan datang. Sebab nya,,dia malu bila kawan kawan dia kata dia masih anak manja mak lagi..hehehe

leen said...

Hahaha...Ja, you ni dasat la...I can imagine Yasmin at that moment...;-)

shahid said...

so funny! she even overtook the girl in blue T! Comel nya.. lari!!

kay_leeda said...

Run Yasmin in Forrest Gump..heh..heh :)

WE do get a kick out of doing these type of "penderaan" to our kids, don't we?? Way to go Mommy :)

tireless mom said...

Dear Ja

Hey you should have followed Yasmin all along. She will sprint harder and harder, sure dapat hadiah top place gitu. Kesian dia!

I still have cross country events to attend. However it a relief to my kids (and me)nowadays because cross country is held on weekdays.

Waterlily said...

Ja, Yasmin bukan lari dari you...dia nak you tangkap gambar dia sedang berlari...ada difference tu..hahahha..

BTW, you take beautiful photos! I'm still struggling with the gadget la..I find it hard. So most of the time I still revert to my digital camera. Have to meet up with you one of these days in KL or AUH - so that I have a one to one tutorial from you!

jabishah said...

Kak Ezza,

Itu lah masalahnya bila mama takde benda nak buat kat rumah. Tambah mama yg ada blog. Kenalah jadi paparazzi utk bahan dlm blog... hahaha.

jabishah said...


Dasat... hahaha! But look at her! Ada gaya tu jadi sprinter... ;-)

jabishah said...

Hi Shahid,

She was really fast. Nasib I was prepared with my cam. None of her friends knew my existence. Hehehe..

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Kay,

Indeed! Such "penderaan"! Photography is my passion & wld not want to miss that moment... hehehe.

jabishah said...

Hi TM,

Hehehe.. I wldn't want to tire her lah. I bet she might do exactly that if I were to tail her.

Was merely giving her the moral supports but at times I forget that my little girl has grown up.

Hope you are getting better now. Good luck with your sleep. ;-)

jabishah said...


Ye lah. Lari dia ada gaya kan? Ala2 Flojo... ;-)

I love the photos too. Tx. Normally am not good with moving objects. These turn out OK.

What gadget did you get ya? Canon? Ask razmyn to tutor u lah. He's almost a pro himself.

Anyway, try use the P setting instead of manual or auto. It will do the trick.

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi Ja,

Hee..hee..sebijik mcm anak2 yg malu when I choose to support them during any tournaments at school. I don't know why they are so embarrassed to have us around kan?

Ja, I wish to invite you to access my blog, which is currently on restricted access. Can you please provide me your email add (yahoo) so I can add you on, if you want lah? :-)

jabishah said...

Hello MTT,

Well I guess it's because we fail to control ourselves. At times boleh kalah cheerleaders.. ;-)

Tu lah. The other day I managed to read your post on clubbing but when it came to comment I failed. May I know why did you suddenly shift to restricted access?

BTW, here's my email add Of course lah I want. ;-)

azira abdullah said...

kalau akak terus ikut dia... sy rasa dia akan pengsan... sbb asyik memecut...hehehe

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Ja,
Kesian tengok Yasmeen lari tu ... kejar Ja, kejar!

My kids so far belum lagi mcm tu... but the day will come, although I really hope it will never happen.