Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday My Yasmin!

I'm taking a break from composing my travel journal. Today is a special day. Yasmin, my eldest is exactly 10 today. How does that make me feel? Old!!

It is still clear in mind on the day she learned to walk. It was not easy for her. I prohibited the use of a walker. To me it causes more accidents than the real purpose. One day, a child will eventually walk. I was patient enough waiting for Yasmin. It took her up to the 17th month to gain her confidence making that first steps. When she did, she was not only walking but almost running. I remembered taking her to JJ that night she had the courage walking. It was quite an energy for me running after a toddler who just discovered the usage of her pair of legs.

Reading, it was not an easy task for her either. In English, she breezed through without problems but in BM...? She did give me a headache. At 6, she was reading BM with this orang putih accent. Couldn't pronounce the "t" & "k" without omitting such slang. She could read but she didn't sound Malay. I remembered a sentence she read which brought itch to my ears. Try saying this out loud with extra slang on the consonants t & k.

"Atuk dalam bilik, batuk-batuk."

Now Yasmin, your BM has improved a lot. Minus the slang & better choices of spoken words. Way in year 1 she did not speak bahasa pasar OK. Full proper BM sentence & obviously awkward to the ears. For example, once we were at the Ramadhan Bazaar & she said something like " Mama, berbilang bangsa datang membeli-belah di sini ". HB & I had to control ourselves so badly as did not want to offend her!

Along the way, you have become a wiser & a more independent person. We are proud of you. Very! Not only that you have overcome your BM lisan, you also represented your school for the Story Telling Competition (in BM) last week. Even though you didn't win... it was a good start.

Happy birthday darling... Sorry, no fancy birthday party this year. All the best in your test tomorrow. Love you! Mmmmuah....!

Monday nights she has taekwando lessons. Hence I grabbed the opportunity for her to celebrate with her friends. Thanks to her coach, Kim for having us. Enjoy the photos.

Her simple cake but was a hit!

With her friends

Happy birthday to you.... Happy birthday to you...

Birthday girl, playing host.

Short briefing by her coach.

With her coach & sisters.

With some of her friends.


tireless mom said...

Dear Ja

Please convey my birthday wishes to Yasmin. Happy 10th Birthday Yasmin and many happy returns of the day.

Read your travel blog on NZ, envy nya...Hope I will reach there sooner or later.

myheartbleeds said...

Happy 10th birthday, Yasmin..

My, my... you look so tall in these photos... Jabishah, she must be among the tallest in her class, I bet.

Keep making your parents proud of you, ok sweetheart (I know you will!) ;-)

Uncle Lee said...

Happy birthday Yasmin. May you grow up to be a wonderful lady like your mom. But with a 6th Dan black belt, ha ha. Your mom has a 5th Dan black belt in cooking.
And keep a song in your heart.
Best regards, Lee.

MrsNordin said...

Happy Birthday, Yasmin! Great photos!

jabishah said...

Hi TM,

Will do. Thanks. I'm sure she appreciates it.

Yes, NZ is a wonderful place for a vacation. Esp for older kids like yours. They will not only be fascinated by the scenery but also will have fun with the various outdoor activities offered.

jabishah said...


Thank you. She is getting taller, yes. In no time she will potong I. Now we can share shoes. Told her if her feet grow bigger, rugi tak boleh share kasut... ;-)

Madam Tai Tai said...

Happy 10th Birthday Yasmin!! Hope your year will be filled with joy and happiness.

sheela said...

HAPPY BLATED BDAY YASMIN!!! I'm sure you had a blast.

lizamurni said...


Dah besar anak dara u.....
Happy birthday Yasmin!

leen said...

I can still remember the 1st time we hold, Shake and Senoi came to your house. The guys were so takut2 nak pegang...hehehe. Now dah besar anak dara you. Tak lama lagi terima menantu lah :-)

Happy birthday Yasmin dear...may you have a wonderful and blessed life ahead.

jabishah said...

Hello Uncle,

My.. I totally forgot to reply all the messages. A sign of maturity ;-)

Thank you for your well wishes. 5th dan black belt in cooking ya? Hahahah... which reminds me how I havent updated my blog for so long!

You take care too uncle.

jabishah said...

Tx Mrs N.

jabishah said...

Thank you MTT.

jabishah said...

Tx Sheela,

Yes she had a great time celebrating with her friends. It was a simple do but her expression was priceless!

jabishah said...


Yes dah besar... Nx year she will be taller than me for sure! Tx dear.

jabishah said...

Hi Leen,

Yes, I remembered that day. I still hv the garfield clothing all of you bought. Eh no! You gave a teddy kan? That was 10 years ago!?

Tx Leen. Terima menantu? Hahaha! Well jemir proposed when I was still a student. Not sure whether he wld agree to menerima pinangan when his daughter is a student! ;-)