Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Zealand - Day 3

I woke up that morning, opened the door & cold fresh air greeted me. Left the door ajar & woke my 2 elder girls up for our walk to the common bathrooms. Both were getting used to the local time & their biological clock too seemed to give in obediently.

We started off early that morning. Checked out at 9am as we had made arrangements for a fiordland boat cruise at half past nine. The journey to the pier took us like 5 minutes. We were definitely ahead of time. HB dropped us first & he went to park the Toyota. I had already purchased the tickets online. Hence, it was no hassle for us at all.

The girls equipping their knowledge with the Milford Sound & its habitats.

The boat cruises, ours was the smallest & hidden next to last one... ;-)

As I was looking for a better angle to shoot our cute boat, a staff of a nearby boat acknowledged me of two uninvited guests. Even though not invited, these two had quite a number of fans that chilly morning.

We were so fortunate to come face to face with these penguins in the wilderness. These are the Fiordland Crested Penguins & also known as Tawaki by the Maori.

After a few shots of those flightless birds, I herded the girls to our boat, the Milford Adventurer. Of course as expected there were voices saying something like...

"Why are we in a smaller boat??...."

...and the response from another one was,

"Because the bigger boat is expensive!"

I had nothing against the remark. In the positive side, it is good that my daughter is vocal with her opinion but Wardah darling (Yes, it was Wardah & I'm sure those who know my family would have guessed earlier) try not to be too straight-from-the-shoulder dear...

In fact, to me the boat was a beauty. (This shot was not mine. I browsed the Net & found the exact boat. Didn't get the chance to shoot her after the penguins episode.)

Ready girls? Here we go...

I learned about Milford Sound way in Form One I think... Milford Sound or Piopiotahi is the northern of the 14 fiords that make up the coastline of Fiordland, south-western corner of the South Island. It is one of the wettest places in the world with rainfall that can reach up to 250mm within 24 hours. It is a miracle & am very grateful that it was sunny during our cruise.

Due to the rainfall, there are many temporary waterfalls cascading down the sheer rocks. Some do not even make it to the bottom of the sound as the strong Mliford breeze drifts it away. We were welcomed by the Bowen Falls.

Yasmin & Wardah with Bowen Falls in the background.

As the boat was cruising, our heads went turning & eyes widely open downloading such picturesque panorama of the sound. We brought along with us a dslr, a point & shoot & a handycam. Imagine our clumsy hands zooming & shooting such view plus at the same time monitoring the girls. We obviously missed capturing a lot of scenic views. However, we managed these shots.

The 1 & half hour cruise of 16km took us to the Tasman Sea & back. We had these muffins for breakfast. They were huge & it took some time for the girls to finish up.

If only I can read her mind...

As we were enjoying the muffins & having sips of hot tea, the skipper of the boat announced of another fiordland inhabitant. We of course at an instance left our food & rushed outside with the girls.

We found the other tourists at the front deck of the boat admiring these...

Yes! The seals! What a lucky day for us... before were penguins, then the seals.

The seals basking in the sun.

They had this foul smell but nobody complained instead, everyone continued to snap, snap, snap!

Once we reached the Tasman Sea the boat made a turn & we were cruising back to the wharf. Come to think of it we can really sail all the way to Tasmania, Australia!

The girls with our friendly skipper.

We were mesmerised by the beauty of the Fairy Falls. HB was ready with the dslr. The girls were outside to pose with the waterfall in the background when suddenly the boat cruised very close to the fall & whooosh came the water. Luckily it was only the spray that got onto us... hahaha! It was cold... & let remind you, it was summer!

Still we managed this family portrait with the Fairy Falls in the background.

Another different waterfall in the background.

On the boat, the girls were having a heck of a time. Enjoying the cool breeze...

I too wanted to join them with Nadeen... ;-)

In the end the whole family!

Nadeen was so easy to travel with.... she loved the cold wind.

Once back at the pier, our journey continued. This was the route on the 3rd day. From Milford Sound all the way to Dunedin. The distance, 408km & about 6 hours drive but we did it in 1 & a half hour extra. Easy drive & stopping here & there.

Farewell Milford Sound... till we meet again.

The traffic light at the Homer Tunnel turned to red. We stopped & HB went out to capture more photos. In the Toyota nursing Nadeen, I had a visitor...

It was the Kea - an alpine parrot. Very rare & only can be found in the South Island,New Zealand. This one below was a shot by HB. It seemed there were a couple of them outside too.

The view as we were driving down the Fiordland National Park.

Stopped by at the creek & the water was brrrrrr......

The temperature outside.

Half way to the south pole!

We were at the Mirror Lakes but the lake was really small compared to the pictures we viewed. Didn't manage to get the real effect of its reflection as it was too windy.

This is how the lake should look like on a fine day (took from the net).

We passed by this beautiful bush. Of course, another stop for the camera...

As Wardah put it... "Just like the Hindi movies!". Hehehe! They found wild daisies.

The 5 Sisters! Wooo hooo!

At Te Anau we made another stop at the same cafe & purchased our takeaway lunch. The girls whilst waiting for HB had a jolly time at Lion Park situated next to the cafe. It was a windy day & COLD but it didn't seem to bother the girls.

This girl especially....

This was the look she gave me when I tried to carry her away from the slide.

The lunch was fish & chips again.... but the girls enjoyed the seafood platter. Passing Te Anau, we passed this farm & decided to stop again. These deers were practically posing for us...

Posed with these cattle too.

I like this one in particular... the cows looked amazed. "Is the calf one of us???"

We passed several small towns & everyone obeyed to the speed limit.

It was at this intersection that HB had the urge to follow the motorway far south through Invercargill. Since it was late we opted for Gore.

Nicely trimmed pine trees used as boarders.

Another stop, Gore - the world capital of brown trout fishing.

HB needed to strech out & we found this garden.

It was indeed clean & beautiful. No pets or transportation allowed in. Not even a bicycle... Now, sharing the fun we had.

There were many types of roses that I can't recall even one. Nadeen simply loved those roses.

Yasmin with the handycam.

The lovey-dovey... ;-)

We spent about half & hour after than back in the Toyota. Still a looong way...

The town Balclutha. We stopped to get some eggs, fruits & some veges at the grocery store.

Dunedin, here we come...

Couldn't runaway from this view though.

We came across this type of grain which I think was wheat.

Nope! Not going back to Queenstown...

We passed Milton.

and at last Dunedin.

Put up the night at the Adrian Motel. It was a nice place. 300m away from the beach.

Our room on the ground floor.

Showered & were waiting for dinner.

Presenting the chef...

Leftover fish & chips turned to fish sandwich with omelette.

*to be continued


fiza said...

bagus la Ja...pandai u citer..rasa macam ada sama sekali kat sana...enjoy the holiday..
tapi kan...muka jemir yang tengah memasak tu memang mahal...tapi ku tahu apa isi hati lakimu masa tu....ha ha ha....

Ezza Aziz said...


akak memang teringin nak ke NZ ni..alam semula jadi dia cantik...cara u cerita pun bagus..macam tgk Nat geo lak..hahah

shahid said...

hallu ja,
thank you for the post n the pics. i really enjoy myself reading yr blog ja. i may not be able to reach those places but it's ok, u brought nz to me! ;)
can't wait for the next one..

MAMAMIA said...

Keep the photos & stories coming. Seronok baca cerita & viewing those photos.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Jabishah, I really enjoyed going thru your well taken photos. And NZ really very scenic.
But it never amazes me your travel with your platoon of Angels, ha ha. And Nadeen sure one well travelled kid.

And to think when I was young, the furthest was a trip to Singapore, and everyone excited for days prior going...this in 1950, ha ha.

Waa, Captain cooking for his Angels! Outstanding! Can pilot, can cook...tourist guide....
Love the pics of you and your girls, I can imagine the fun you have....
And I bet your girls do well in Geography too, ha ha.

Have a nice day Jabishah, hugs to Nadeen and safe flight to Captain, Lee.

jabishah said...

Hahaha! Apakah isi hatinya? But fiza I mmg x pandai nak flip omellete. Wajib koyak... Fail. Jemir is the expert lah.

Tunggu.... There are more to come. Mlm ni diorg nak golfing kan? Boleh smbg update blog (^_^)

jabishah said...

Kak Ezza,

NZ mmg cantik. Ada rezeki pergi kak... Honeymoon dgn abg aziz. ;-)

Tunggu tau siaran national geografic yg seterusnya... Lembab sikit lah. Hehehe.

leen said...

Ja...you're such a good story teller la. I just couldn't stop reading yr traveljournal during my meeting today till I got several 'jelingan manja' from the boss...hahaha

azira abdullah said...

kak... lain kali kalau nak p lagi sana... jgn lupa ajak sy yer... hehehe =))

jabishah said...

Shahid dear,

Glad you enjoyed those entries. There are still many to go. Hope you wont get bored ;-)

InsyaAllah ada rezeki, NZ is a must go lah babe.

jabishah said...


Tx. Just updated day 4. My... I'm doing slow in this. ;-)

jabishah said...

Hello uncle,

Waaa, now with a new call sign. Hardly recognised it just now.

Well HB can be a one man show at times... hahaha! Feels lucky yes but there are moments when I feel less important. Hehehe! Good that he is seldom home... ;-)

Tx for your flattering words. As always you can make a woman's day! ;-)

jabishah said...

Hi Leen,

Penglipur lara... ;-) I love this space. Boleh cerita as much or as little as I pleased. Careful leen, dari jelingan manja menusuk ke hati... jadi lain tu! Hahaha!

jabishah said...

Hi Azira,

Day 4 updated. Pergilah ziarah ;-)