Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Zealand - Day 4

Dunedin is the second largest city in the South Island after Christchurch. The first time I came across the name of this city was in the Net when browsing through places to go in NZ. I pronounced it as Dune-Din but HB claimed, it should be Dew-Ner-Din instead. Anyhow, a friend who had been there corrected us & we started addressing it as Daa-Ni-Din. The Kiwis however utter it as De-Nii-Din. It is quite complicated really. It comes to no surprise as the name Dunedin was brought by the Scottish settlers in the 19th century based from the Scottish Gaelic name for Edinburgh. Might as well refer it as Otepoti in Maori.

We started off half an hour behind schedule from the motel. It was due to the proper breakfast we had in our dining area. Sorry, no photos of our meal. Was in hurry & it slipped off my mind. HB prepared 2 different types of omelette for the girls & I that morning.

HB, getting the Toyota ready.

The motel was less than half kilometre away from St. Kilda Beach & that was our first destination after we checked out.

It was at 9am & cold. The sea breeze made it even colder. The plan was to stroll along the beach but we only spent less than 10 minutes merely for a few poses with the Pacific Ocean in the background.

The girls', except Yasmin's, first experience with the Pacific Ocean.

Broke our tripod in Milford Sound & made do with the wooden rail for a family portrait.

It looked like it was going to rain & it did drizzle. This was taken as we were passing the city centre.

Dunedin is situated on a crater of an extinct volcano. This explains the many houses by the hillside.

There were many tourists' attractions in Dunedin but as usual we had to pass on that. We, however did go to according to the Guinness Book of Records, the World's Steepest Street.

Baldwin Street, Dunedin

The street as the steepest in the world has been rather controversial. It was claimed that there was a typographic error on the percentage grade of the steep street. Still, it is recognized by the Guinness Record at 35% instead of the earlier claimed at 38%.

One of the house along Baldwin Street, not at the steepest slope though.

Our certificate - not for free, a 2 dollar each ;-)

From Baldwin Street we headed north following State Highway 1. The 360km journey to Christchurch should take us about 5 hours but as usual we took an extra hour there.

Ready girls?

Nadeen was asleep. Even the steepest street in the world did not wake her up... Guessed that was what the Pacific sea breeze did to her.

Balqis was asleep too but where was her head Yasmin? I didn't take this photo as I was the driver that day. Not the whole journey though. Once Nadeen was awake & wanted milk, we had to shift drivers. Managed only a quarter way.

Eyes on the road... but still a grin for the camera! Hahaha!


The scenery was as beautiful as always. Couldn't run away from the mountains, farms, cattle & of course sheep. Still, we never got tired of them...

Timaru was only half way of our drive that day.

More greenery

Just before Hampden, the highway led us through coastal scenic route of the Pacific Ocean. We just couldn't help from stopping to capture more shots.

Then back to hilly panorama

We came across this tractor by the roadside, mowing the grass using 3 mowers at one go!


More scenic views.

State Highway 1

Stopped at Herbert & change drivers. Nadeen woke up & was hungry for milk.



We paid a cheese factory in Oamaru a visit. Too bad, wasn't allowed to shoot any photos.

In front of the cheese factory shop cafe.

In the cafe.

We bought our take way lunch at this kebab outlet. According to the owner, the beef & lamb in Oamaru are all halal as most its products are exported to the Saudi Arabia.

Balqis preferred the cheese to the kebab.

Wardah, savouring her share of kebab.

Along the way, we stopped by to purchase some fruits. Nectarines, cherries & plums. But again I forgot to shoot the pictures. They didn't last long in the plastic bag though.. ;-)

At last we reached Christchurch. I was so engrossed eating my fruits & almost missed this shot. Well, at least I managed the last 4 letters...

Sad to tell that we did not go to the city centre. It was quite chaotic that day. An irony though since we were early reaching our destination compared to the earlier days. Was in Christchurch around 4.30pm but we had to send off the Toyota by 5.30pm. Or else we would be charged for another day.

We checked in at Addington Stadium Motel, one of the closest motels to the railway station (we were to start very, very early the next day...). Nothing much around the motel except for a supermarket & a playground. How I wished we could go to the city centre.... We are definitely going to Christchurch again.

We were near Riccarton & the City Centre was on the other side...

The girls at a playground, a walking distance from the motel.

It was rather frustrating really. I knew what Christchurch could offer. But the girls seemed to enjoy themselves & that was what mattered.

We purchased a few items at the supermarket (it was more for killing the time before sunset...). HB purchased some food to cook for dinner. Just look at the girls anxiously waiting.

We had these kebabs purchased in Oamaru.

Also this mixed grill with rice & salad.

I know... dinner was heaven. We even had fish fillet too ;-) It was whilst waiting for this fish being fried by HB, I rested my dslr on the coffee table. I knew it was only for a short while as the fish was almost cooked. Nadeen grabbed that opportunity my practically grabbing my precious toy & down came my dslr, lens first onto the carpeted floor.

I was almost in tears... & totally lost my appetite to eat. First was not able to tour Christchurch. Next was my malfunctioned lens! No! I didn't scold Nadeen. It was totally my mistake! Blamed it all on me. Luckily it was only the lens, the body was not that fragile. It was merely the kit lens of 18mm-55mm. Planned to get a better lens, yes but it was a disappointment when your camera had a problem on day 4 of your 10 days vacation. Just had to make do with HB's ixus & the still image of my handycam. Grrr...!

The last shot of my first lens...

* to be continued


fiza said...

10 hari kebab...!! nasib u tak jadi debab....!!!kwang ...kwang..kwang..
klu tak confirm jadi teman joging ku hari2....wa....;=D

Anonymous said...

Salam. Hope you don't mind me dropping by. Read you travel journal.. great family vacay! Salute you for doing it well with 4 kids like that. I enjoyed the pics too!

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi Ja,

New Zealand looks so organic and fresh, kan? Everywhere is green and clean. Wish we could live there!

jabishah said...

Cik Fiza... mana ada 10 hari mkn kebab. South island susah nak dpt halal meat. In 10 days kebab 2 hari je... lain asyiklah mkn seafood! Tapi semalam I tempah baju & tailor kata byk inches dah turun. Woohoo! Jgn jealous... hehehe! But ada org tu nak toned kan.Hmmmph! Malas nak layan!

jabishah said...

Hi Mimi,

My pleasure having you here. Thanks.I am amazed with myself too for having it done without problems. I think it is merely a willpower. Once you are in it, you tend to play along with the situation. Alhamdulillah, all went well. Do visit again.

jabishah said...


The word migrate did come out from our mouths. Seriously, I would consider it. HB siap gave this absurd idea of buying a house there! Hahaha! But, the cost of living is high. Malaysia jugak yg best ;-) Like org tua ckp, hujan emas di negeri org, hujan batu di negeri sendiri...