Thursday, July 16, 2009

1986 - 2009

I created an FB group for my fellow primary school buddies early this year. Yes, for those who don't know me in person I kind of get carried away with this social networking. Well, anyway it was only quite recently the group became lively.

It all started when a friend shared a few ancient photos of us then way in the 80s. The tagging
did the trick when other members start to join in especially our dear Haza. Not only is she the "CNN" of our school, she is also our google search engine. Knows almost everyone by the full names & their whereabouts :-)

A class photo when were only 12

Those tagged in the photo had a shock of their lives to review themselves 23 years younger! Hahaha! Now the comment boxes have not stopped multiplying & in fact, slowly turning to a chatting thread.

Of course, the highlight of our chats was to have a reunion. Seriously, reunion is such a big word which takes up a lot of times & not to mention the commitment we have to put in. Someone mentioned to meet up somewhere. I replied that I was free Sunday & our dear Haza made an arrangement with another friend who owns a Kopitiam - the venue of the get together.

20 seats were reserved for us. The turn up was not bad at all. It was really wonderful meeting everyone. A few I have met before but mostly I have n'ot ever since the year 1986. The boys especially have changed a lot in sizes... vertically obviously but horizontally too ? ;-D The girls? Need I elaborate? Hehehehe...

Us 23 years later

Planned for our proper reunion. I however look forward to meeting my very close friends then. Most did not make it. We plan to have a small do amongst us soon. Really can't wait.

Oh yes... it's HB's birthday today. Happy Birthday Baby.... He's away & will only come home tomorrow. The girls have something planned & as usual I'm needed to assist ;-) Will update about it in the next post.


mama fieza said...

syoknyer kak ja ade reunion... huhuhu..

nanti hupdate ek.. aper surprise utk abg jemir... tak sabar nak tau.. kim salam kat kids ek.. bila nak buat kenduri.. nak merasa air tangan sifu i masak ni... hiks..

Oldstock said...

Hi Ja,

So in the class pic, which one is you? I'm guessing.... the cutest one :-)

Have a happy birthday celebration with the man of the house.

Old Classmate said...

Alamak Ja, this 23 year old photo is everywhere in the net!heehhe!
Did anyone suggest venue/date for the next reunion? Cant wait to c ulah Ja!


jabishah said...


The reunion was great but tak puas ahh.. kejap sgt. Biasalah when ur a mom. On stby all the time. 2 jam pun tak blh lebig skt...

jabishah said...

Hi oldstock,

Which one is thr cutest? :-D I was the infront with the famous brown neck tie...

jabishah said...

Hi Tati dear,

If Suliana found out abt this post, she will be devastated... hahhaha! Member siap destroy all her pics with that infamous hairdo. Hehehe

Sudah lah Tati... You mcm PM. In fact kalah PM kut. Wkend je not available. Huh! )marah ni tau...)