Friday, July 10, 2009

My Nadeen In Action

I used to have a monthly milestone for Nadeen in her first year. Remember? It's been like ages since I last updated about my youngest princess.

She is 19 months now, the apple of our family's eyes. As HB put it, she wears this inviting look that makes her very, very irresistible to others. I can't agree more. Every minute, every second with her is always a Geraaaam moment.

A big fan of foods. She goes & offers herself to take a bite of the food in your hands by saying "Nyum! Nyum!". If she enjoys it, a "Daaap..." will come out. Very cheeky!

Her favourite shows are still Barney & Elmo. Can sit down for hours watching the same thing over & over again. Yes, quite often these 2 characters play the nanny for us at home ;-)

I captured a video of her a couple of days back. The video turned out great however, you need to do some adjustments before watching. You see, I used HB's camera to record. Little did I know there was a rotation function. Now the video deleted from the cam & the one saved in my NB is horizontal. If you are watching the video from your NB, kindly rotate your NB 90 degrees clockwise but if you are viewing from a desk top screen please tilt your head to the left ;-)

Did you hear what she said? She replied "Too.." which was supposed to be "I love you too" & "Kaakem" was a "Welcome" to my "Thank You" :-)

Here is another one.

I never taught her to unlock my phone. She was attracted to the wriggly arrow & self-taught herself...

Notice the blouse Nadeen was wearing? I made that. Rather too short I know. I made this blouse & bloomers for a friend's baby & I just fell in love with it. Used the leftover material to make Nadeen's blouse as well which should explain the length.

As for now my project is to complete 5 identical patterns of baju kurung for Syawal. Almost done with Nadeen's & Balqis's, 3 more to go. This is my first time. Not only as the family seamstress for raya but also agreeing to purchase the same exact design of 15m for the 5 of us to wear. I know, it has been long been a trend during raya but I never quite agree to the idea before. Hope the girls won't get too excited about us forming a boria & plan for the same thing next year... :-D


wanshana said...

Nadeen's so chomey! The pelatness laaaaaaagi buat dia chomey!!

Can't wait to see the boria outfit.

Errrr.... you ambik tempahan for raya, tak? :)

Puteri's territory said...

memang Gerrrrrammmmmm!!!! Tapi yang buat lagi geram tu her mummy's signature laugh. ahak ahak.

you rasa tak makin ke bawah anak2 kita ni mcm cepat je membesar?

shahid said...

i really need to meet her! Gerrreeemmm....

kay_leeda said...

Alah..alah...Nadine so "to-mei". Nak cakap pelat like Nadine lah :D

Enjoy her at this age for in no time she'll grow right before yr very eyes :)

jabishah said...

Hi kak shana,

She is very adorable kan? Hehhee... puji anak sendiri... but she is one adorable girl. :-D

Boria outfit almost ready but tak ambil lah tempah this yr. Nx year... mungkin ;-)

jabishah said...


Hahaha...! You noticed that signature laugh?? I wanted to do some editings to delete that laugh but no time lah plak.

Ye lah... there grow rather too fast. I just want to enjoy them now. Dah besar nanti lain plak ceritanya kan? ;-)

jabishah said...


Bila nak turun KL ni? She's growing tau. Nanti dah besar, dah lain... :-)

jabishah said...

Tx kak kay,

That's what I do now... enjoying her each moment. Dont plan to mengakakakkan Nadeen... so this will be my final journey with babies.