Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back to Hectic Saturdays

My weekends used to be pretty hectic. Then their Mental Arithmetic Class was on a Saturday morning, 1030 - 1230. We would reach home half an hour after the class ended & that if we opted not to lunch out. At 1530, off for their 2 hours swimming lessons in Sunway. The next day, we would be at Pyramid Ice for their ice skating practice as early as 0930 or sometimes even at 0900.

Seriously, come to think of it.... how did I manage? Especially when my helper was away & HB at work. Balqis then was about Nadeen's age. A supermom, I was!!

The two girls have long completed the swimming lessons & both are no longer active in ice skating. They did not continue with their ice skating classes ever since Nadeen was born. After all I was, still am & will always be the family chauffeur & with a baby in the picture, my hands were full.

HB did take them to the ice rink once in awhile without me esp during my confinement with Nadeen. It was then when he noticed that both his elder girls were not really serious in such dear hobby he invested. They were most of the times off the rink, rather than in the rink. When they met their friends, the rink was more a play arena to them rather than their practice arena.

On top of that, their school work has gotten tougher & extra time is needed to revise & to complete their homework from school. The costly payment is also another issue. We have other commitments to zero in to. It is a different story if they really take the sport seriously...

Wardah then in action.

Yasmin, doing a crossover.

With their coach during a competition.

Every parent definitely wants the best for their children. Being fair to each one is another effort to show their love. Balqis, at 4 is ready to be exposed to skating. But to a girl that age what they have in mind is to wear pretty things & be graceful. A girl that age is also easily influenced & I used exactly that advantage to make things convenient for me... (bad mama! bad mama!).

I asked her one day whether she would want to learn skating. She looked excited & straight away answered yes.... but suddenly she gave a worried look. Her concern was falling on the cold rink. I took this chance to introduce her to another source of gracefulness ;-)

"Balqis, would you like to go for a ballet class instead?"

"Ballet? Aqis will be like a ballerina? Like 12 Dancing Princesses? Yes!!.."

And so that was how Balqis ended up in a Ballet class. Yes, I would send her to learn ice skating one day but only time will tell whether she will get active like her sisters once did.

Balqis, 3rd from left during a trial class. She made friends with others in no time.

In her new costume.

With her friends (the boy was a brother to one her friends)

Now, a pose....

I don't know where she learned that posture from. This was taken before her maiden class! :-D

The ballet studio also offers music lessons and... Yasmin & Wardah have added another weekly class - a piano lesson. I just hope they are serious in this one. Yasmin had been wanting to enroll for a piano lesson. Wardah on the other hand, wanted to opt for violin but I consulted their music teacher & she admitted that violin would be more challenging than piano. Again... I played my role there (bad mama! bad mama! ;-D) Convinced her to get familiarised in music through a piano first. Not only that the instrument is simpler, it is also ready to be shipped from my PILs' place. Hehehe... An old Kawai, still in a good condition.

Yasmin during her first lesson.

From now on, my Saturdays start as early as 0830. Yasmin's class begin at 9am & Wardah at 930am. Balqis's ballet originally was at 1030 but starting from next week it will begin 45 minutes later (sigh....). Anyway, I try to make full use of the time there with them without the internet & my sewing machine (am still addicted!). As for last week, Balqis read pages of her Peter & Jane book 3b together with Bacalah Anakku 3. Her sisters got busy with their mental arithmetic homework.

Busy at work whilst Wardah was having class. Balqis was colouring, a reward after having completed her reading. (Yasmin was in the school uniform as it was a school day last Saturday. Straight to school after that).

Their piano books are rather too big for their bags. Hence, I decided to give in to my addiction & made them a piano bag....

The piano bag

Open the cover & there you go a Trebel Clef & a pouch.

The musical notes sewed on the pouch... Hahaha! Not a good effort really.

The inside. No compartments as the pouch should accommodate their pencils, eraser & handphone.

The back with Yasmin's name embroidered.

The bag was much an annoyance to Wardah. She questioned her sister's name there when they are sharing the bag. My mistake... Well, my first project on bags was for her. A bag to put her Al-Quran for mengaji.

The bag

Quite simple but sewing the letters was quite tricky.

The inside

I also made this sling bag for a good friend's daughter on her birthday.

My first attempt with a zipper bag. Not that neat... though.

Embroidered her name too...

The inside with my label sewn ;-)


Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

good job dear...selalu nya kalau kita ada anak perempuan yang ramai...menjahit ada hobi yang paling baik...macam akak ni..hahaha..

yus said...

got to try sew 1 sling bag for the teddy bear now... :)

tireless mom said...

Wah... Anak and emak sama je talented dia. All the best to the daughters. They sure make you proud kan. Unleash the potential to the max. You see wonders as you discover them.

MrsNordin said...

So you are also into bags? Good work!

Balqis look so cute in her ballerina costume!

The thing with children is this. Let them try those things (ballet, piano, horse riding, dancing etc) but don't be pressured by it. Very soon you'll see where their interests lie.

My girls have done all that when they were small but that's about it. Just to try out and have fun.

But if you think sending them to all these classes are taking a toll on you, slow down. You can cut back on some and it's ok. There'll be so many other things that they can take up as they grow older.

You are not a mean mum, you are just giving what you think is best for your children. And that's just a wonderful thing to do..

Take care, Ja.

muzammil said...

Boza...can i have the zipper bag with the name fatin on it?? lol... my daughter name is fatin by the way... just kidding.... saja jer menambah comment in your blog... so bored in medan.... later

MHB said...

you're really good at the sewing thingie... the bags look wonderful!! sewing is one the things that I'd like to take up some day. And now I have found an inspiration in you ;-)

busymum100 said...


Wah.. dah go into sewing? Cool...

The kids (and mum) are surely very busy. Nanti ada blog utk barang2 jahitan ke, ja?

Lamaaaaaa betul tak jumpa kan? Years already, and the girls are so big now!

jabishah said...

Thanks kak ezza. Tu lah... sepatutnya drp dulu dah beli sewing machine kan? So apa projek lagi?

jabishah said...

Hahaha Yus. Hey I would really love to see your needlework as well.

jabishah said...

Tx Kak Yatt. I can see the dancer in Balqis but she's a little bit too shy compared to her sisters. She has started dancing to her sisters' piano tune even to a 'Mary had a little lamb!" Hahaha!

jabishah said...

Hi Mrs.N,

Tx for your words of advice. Appreciate it a lot.

Yes, I'm not sure what will they venture in the near future & I pray hard it won't be parachuting!

jabishah said...

Oitt Muzammil! Didn't know you're one of my readers here. Ooohh... only when you are bored to death only this url is an option...

Well, anyway appreciate the comment. I might put those bags on sale one of these days... who knows? ;-)

jabishah said...


A friend inspired me & having your girls around to try out your masterpieces will get you more inspired. Go for it!!

jabishah said...

Hi kak Sab,

Ye lah.. been too long kan? Yup, the sewing bug has bitten me. Didn't know it was this interesting! Wonder how far will my new passion go? Another blog? Hmmm.. considering it ;-)