Monday, July 20, 2009

Celebrating Papa

This is an update to HB's birthday. As I mentioned before, he celebrated his let me see mmmm... 35th birthday last Thursday. Since he was away, it was only the next day that we held a small do to celebrate papa.

Friday as some of my readers here are aware is quite hectic for us. HB came home that afternoon. In the morning after their mengaji lessons, the girls were busy making something special for papa.

Earlier I baked this chocolate cake & the girls requested to do the
deco. They got started right away.

Wardah icing the topping

Yasmin gave a final touch before the deco.

The chocolate topping completed. OK lah...

I gave them a quick demo on how to pipe the icing. In fact they had once tried cupcake decoration during Yasmin's birthday (you may read here).

Yasmin did a good job here.

Wardah's turn with a helping hand from her big sis.

Not bad at all girls... I called this font the "Cacing Kerawit". Kih Kih Kih

They sure had fun with those flowers.

What a lovely cake! Don't you think?

While we were busy Nadeen was not with my helper. Sri was busy in the kitchen preparing the ingredients to cook for lunch. I as always was doing the multitasking. Monitoring the girls with the cake deco, cooking lunch & keeping an eye on Nadeen.

Nadeen was playing by herself. Here's the same old trick... In order to get a toddler or even a child occupied, you put aside some toys. Take those toys out for them to play & I tell you they will get easily distracted. As for Nadeen that day, I brought down one storage of toys she never played before. My advantage... none of the girls have the habit of putting toys in the mouth.

It worked!

But of course you should expect this...

The girls managed to complete the cake before Balqis came home from her kindy. I had already in mind on how to tackle Balqis if she found out about her sisters' venture with the icing.

HB came home before 3pm. Had lunch & straight hit the sack. Didn't even check the fridge where the decorated cake rested :-) This was the time I spent with Balqis making a special birthday card for her dad. She really loved the idea when I said that her sisters were in charged with the cake but she was responsible with the card... ;-)

Busy at work...

When it comes to their dad, an aeroplane has always been in the picture... (The letters P A P A were her mom's work... hehehe)

Nadeen helped with the final touch. Notice the 2 tine hearts? She pasted that...

Their papa's birthday card


1st page & yes Balqis drew that all by herself

Next page

After school the girls straight showered & had dinner. It was a Friday & we needed to rush to their mental arithmetic class at 8pm. They got ready in record time & presented papa the cake.
The bday boy exclusive shot in kain pelikat... hehehe! (take note that Balqis there was holding the card)

HB asked Nadeen to blow the candle for him but Nadeen looked more surprised than the bday boy ;-)

Right after that, Wardah had to snatch the birthday card from Balqis & handed it to HB. BIG mistake there. Balqis from behind punched her sister's back. It was hard! So my dear readers, there was a bit of chaos that evening. No! Wardah didn't hit back instead dived onto the sofa & wailed. So pening...! I tell you! Anyhow, I managed to clear things up & we continued with cake cutting.

This was HB trying to cheer Balqis up. I think he was asking Balqis about her plane.

Wardah, taking a bite of the cake from her dad :-)

Within minutes she was OK. A drama queen as always... Presented papa the gift. She ordered papa to close his eyes & of course he played along. (I love this pic. Too bad not all of the girls were in)

Touching the gift & making a guess

HB loves his Osprey backpack which cost me a bomb!

A worth buy I guess... Such a lightweight. He is going for a mount hike in Nepal this October for 10 days & the one he has is rather too small. Oh well! It was a tiring day for me but it was worth it. The looks everyone wore made me forget my weariness. To the one we celebrated & the ones helped to celebrate, love you much!


Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Happy Birthday Mr Jabishah!

Tu dia... did everything in 1 go! Nasib baik tak buat 3-layer cake ke..hehehe..

Always nice to have the girls do their thing kan?

papa said...

thank you sooo much for the backpack!! but, at least, you should have warned me to wear decently la...

sherry said...


My husband's BOD pun on July! 11 July..tapi akak tak pandai nak prepare cake like you tu...So..import cake dari luar jelah macam biasa.

BTW, dah boleh tempah baju dengan Ja? u have talent tau...

yus said...

I suka pe'el anak2 you. funny betui. happy birthday to your hubby.

Oldstock said...

Wow... your girls are a handful, kuat bergaduh macam anak lelaki jugak ye, heheheh.

Looks like a happy celebration. Spontan gitu. Happy bestday to the man of the house.

On a separate note, I hope you don't mind me asking about the family of your late friend, arwah Shera. I was going through my blog archives when I realized that it was around this time last year when that fateful accident happened. I'm just wondering how the family is getting along. Thanks.

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Ja,

Tx for the wish. Nowadays with the girls more independent, it is great to involve them with the preparation. More meaningful... If only their dad thinks alike Hint* Hint* Hehehe...

jabishah said...

My dear papa,

Decently? Good that I offered you the T. Klu tak siap gambar topless you I upload skali. Hehehe..! Glad you love the gift. I know I have taste.... Woohoo! Muah! Muah!

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Sherry,

Alaaa... bkn susah buat kek. Nak or tak nak je. Tapi maybe lah kut tgn bowler ni susah skt nak ice topping tu. ;-)

Baju? Nx year kut... Nak venture more. Now tgh gila buat tudung lah plak. Will share pics soon.

jabishah said...

Hi yus,

Pe'el anak2 I yg mcm tu is very the paternal.. hehehe. Tx for the wish. So, apa latest projek?

jabishah said...

Hello oldstock,

Tx for the wish. Siblings rivalry tak kenal gender. :-D

Yes, true that it has been more than a year since our beloved Shera left us. It is still painful thinking of it & we still miss her dearly.

Alhamdulillah... her family esp her husband has gotten a grip of himself. It was so suddent. Difficult for him to digest. It also gave an impact to her elder girl. But she is lucky that she has both maternal & paternal family on her side. Her younger girl at 3 is the strength to her dad. She, I doubt would remember her lovely mom but Shera's precious blog to her girls
will help her to get to know how a wonderful person her mom was.

Big Pumpkin said...

That is the sweetest birthday cake and card ever!!! What a lucky Dad! I would be so happy to get that.