Saturday, August 1, 2009

Almost Perfect

I have been abandoning my blogs, I know. I do have things to share but when your mind is not really into it, the piece I composed to publish is better off unshared. Writing without passion is like choc cake minus the topping. I have to blame my new found love for this. My passion romancing the thread & needle is really getting into me. Need I go for help? ;-)

For the record, I have completed all the girls' baju kurung for raya this year. I still have ample material to self make my own. We really are doing the boria thing this year. To tell you the truth, it was such a bore making the same bajus from the same fabric with identical design. My mind looks forward to play around with the many other materials I purchased... Yes, I now collect fabrics. Not much to HB's liking which many he has no idea about, Shhh...!

I made the normal baju kurung pesak for Nadeen & Balqis. Opted to make baju kurung pahang for Wardah & Yasmin which turned out quite good, well... that's what I think. I might as well choose the pahang version as well for myself. Will start with the cutting real soon.

Most of the time however, I am distracted with this urge in making tudungs. Yes, I am into DIY tudungs now! Seriously.... Hahaha! I'm not a fan of the ones with awning but I do enjoy making them. What I love most is matching the colours & patterns. Really can go crazy at a textile store nowadays.

My time sewing is limited in the afternoon when both elder girls are in school. Nadeen usually takes a long nap after her lunch & once awake, she enjoys having her yogurt or cheese slices while watching her many Barney & Friends VCD. Sometimes at night too, after the girls' bedtime. Normally, I do the cutting or finalising the hems. That is only if HB is away. He commented once that my time was usually taken facing my Brother rather than spending the time with him. It really got into me... So now, I am more disciplined with this hobby. Though how passionate I can be, my husband & especially the girls are my utmost priority.

Now, talk about the girls... I recently enrolled Yasmin & Wardah for Drama Class. My main intention is for them to be confident in their speeches, words articulation especially. At first my concern was strictly on Yasmin. I have seen her potential in public speeches but she has this tendency to speed up her presentation & at times she sounds like mumbling in between words. Wardah on the other hand loves the limelight of becoming an actor :-) She once tried to coax me to send her for a "Geng Bas Sekolah" audition. Hehehe... No, I did not play supir for her that time as I could foresee her father's response :-D She looks up on Yasmin. She does not have the guts to do a solo act in front of a big crowd. In fact, she was never given the chance. She surprised me though when she volunteered for a last minute preparation of an inter-class story telling competition last week. She admitted that she was very scared & extremely nervous. Only her legs though suffered the outcome, not her voice.... As she put it, " Kaki Wardah bergoyang atas stage." Hehehe....

The girls had a wonderful time in their first drama class. Yasmin especially fitted comfortably in her group. I was not allowed to observe the upper level group (ages 9 - 12) but I had the chance with Wardah in the lower level (ages 4 -8).

In each session, they are given a situation & each one has to role play. Wardah from my observation felt awkward being watched when asked to present in front. But I am sure in no time she will get over her shyness & be a favourite in her group. Yasmin surprised me though. I was not allowed to be in the same room with her group, instead I was advised to peek from outside. I saw the other side of Yasmin which I am not so sure I am familiar with. She brought herself confidently in the group & when she presented in front, it came out naturally. Very impromptu & creative as well.

I didn't expect to add another activity to their hectic schedule. But I have long looked for such class to boost up their confidence in speeches & polish their fluency in English. Nothing offered in Puchong but many to choose from outside Puchong. That was years ago... I apparently have stopped searching when the girls became occupied with lots of activities. A quick chat with my best friend however refreshed my intention as she found one centre offering what I was looking for in the heart of Puchong. What captured my attention was the philosophy of the academy... " Helen O'Grady Children's Drama Academy is about communication skill development, not about creating STARS!" You may want to give the homepage a visit.

The time is very convenient. It is on Saturdays. If you still remember every Saturday, Yasmin' s piano starts at 9am & Wardah's at 9.30am. Wardah's an hour drama class begins at 10.30am & Yasmin's at 11.30am. Balqis finishes her Ballet at noon & half an hour after that, we should be on our way home. The venue? Less than a 10mins walk from one place to another. Almost perfect...

Here are some photos taken using my phone during Wardah's first session.

Have a wonderful weekend!


ibu,mommy,mom... said...

I've missed reading your blog.Great that you jahit sendiri baju raya anak..How nice If I have the talent to sew.:)

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Ja,
If only I had the skill to sew, I pun mesti jadi macam you! Best nya dapat jahit baju sendiri. Mesti rasa satisfied kan?

Have fun with the thread and needles, but please don't forget writing here too ok?

jabishah said...

Hi Rene,

I never knew, I could sew. Give it a try... You might find how miracle your fingers really are ;-)

jabishah said...

Hi Kaka Ja,

Hmmm... frankly, jahit baju sendiri, tak lah thrill sangat kak ja. Tapi jahit baju anak tu yg best sgt. Esp bila they love our needlework tu.

Give sewing a try... You never know what awaits you at the end of the tunnel. ;-)

Don't worry, I will make an appoint to write too. Bila ada mood tu, mmg jadi je. Mcm mlm ni Ja buat marathon reply comments. Up to 5 posts tu! Hehehe..

Nannie said...

Salam Jabishah ,
singgah la blog saya , ada tag dan award untuk u ...

Chahya said...

I could sew too but no time lah. Tempah kat you boleh?