Sunday, August 16, 2009

Selera Abah Cafe

I managed to catch up with a dear friend last Wednesday & I know I took way too long to update this. So before it goes further basi, I got to put a halt to whatever I plan for tonight & get over with this one.

I promised Shida the brochures the girls voluntarily collected from our recent vacation in February (you may want to start off with the adventure here). Managed to compile all of them together & only did I discover that we own several duplicate copies. Including the menu served on the Tranzcoastal! :-)

We agreed on a meeting point. Since she stays in a secluded residential in Bangi... ;-), & I in the suburbia of Puchong (woohoo!), Equine Park suited us fine. Without doubt it was really an advantage to me but again, Shida was on leave unlike me who was merely on a break before I punched my card again to fetch the girls from school. A very valid reason, right babe? Hehehe...

Thought of giving an old friend's cafe our maiden visit & it was not a disappointment at all. Selera Abah Cafe might not look like the kopitiam in town. Situated in Bandar Putra Permai which I'm pretty sure many of us including yours truly is very ignorant about. It is without doubt a new developing residential area. Not many entrepeneurs have ventured the many lots offered but Eddie & Ika took the chance anyway. Their cafe stands out from the cocoon of this budding township.

The cafe offers the authentic Johorean Cuisine & I was informed that the briyani there is a must try. Anyhow, we both skipped the signature dish but made a pledge to return for it. We were there at 330pm & had no intention to jeopardise our not so ideal weights for a plate of lamb briyani during teatime! We settled for the noodles instead.

Mee Bandung which according to Shida, the best she ever tasted.

I had this mouth-watering Mee Hailam but Balqis who tagged along & announced earlier she was not eating, claimed the rights of it.

Shida with Balqis & her afternoon tea meal.

We will be back & I promise it will be on a lunch time with empty stomachs. Why not you? The landmark to the cafe is the Pasar Borong Selangor near Equine Park. Take the left turn at the Petronas kiosk. A corner lot next to a clinic.

Now here is the address - 17-1, Jalan BPP 5/3, Bandar Putra Permai, 43300 Seri Kembangan

A pose with an old friend, Eddie in front of his Selera Abah Cafe.

Amongst the foods I copied from the email he sent me. And Eddie.. it still puts me in a puzzling state of mind of how the products from a C appear bigger & clearer in my blog compared to the ones captured from a N. Hehehe...!


Lamb Briyani

Roti Bakar

Asam Pedas Ikan Jenahak


suria said...


I been your silent reader for quite sometime.Thanks for the info about your friends cafe.It's near my house and only yesterday I was longing for soto.I am from johor for your info.So I sure drop by the cafe.

Puteri's territory said...

Hmmm... you made me hungry. The food looked really good.

Anyway this Eddie looked really familiar. Kenapa yek? I kenal dia ke hah?

Nic said...

sedapnya nampak roti bakar ni...

Shida said...

Ja, it was great catching up with you the other day. There's no doubt that I shall be making several visits to Selera Abah soon.

eddie said...

Hi Boza,
Do u knw today is my bday? Wud I get any gift from u? Hehehe.

It was great to meet u again after...12 yrs??

Tq for d good comments...insyaAllah d food is worth any cent u paid!

anyway during fasting mth, d cafe is only open from 4-7pm monday to saturday.

Puteri, Suria, Nic, Shida...Come n enjoy d food! Dtg ramai2 tau ;)

Anonymous said...

Hai....hemmm rindu nak makan nasi beriani and mee bandung Aunty!!!
Along Ida n Family - Tmn Tun Dr Ismail, KL

Permairian said...

wah..see the photo already looked very delicious..lets join our Bandar Putra Permai Community Portal at