Monday, August 31, 2009

52nd Independence Day

Day in, day out & today is another celebration of our independence. Without fail we have a grand fiesta every August 31st in conjunction with our National Day. How deep really is our understanding of this day?

Yasmin & Wardah, I have elaborated to them the true meaning of such day. But again being born in an independent Malaysia, I perhaps am not the best person to make them appreciate the magical force behind the word "Merdeka!".

Then, my late grandfather used to tell me tales during his younger days. How difficult life was... Having experience the era of the British & the tormenting period during the Japanese, his stories gave some inputs of how grateful I should be. He kept stressing us to appreciate school, to study hard. In fact, those were his last words before his sudden death due to a road accident. I miss him so... (Al-Fatihah...).

I understand very well why he kept telling us to appreciate school. During his time, not all were granted the time to go to school & study. They had their daily chores to help the family. Poverty was another reason. How sad to think of it now when youngsters play truant & consider school a big burden.

I keep on reminding my girls to be thankful. It is such a big word to them I realise, which why almost daily I have the similar standard phrase of nag. So what if they get fed up? One day I am sure their mature mind will accept, process it wisely & digest it. Hopefully they will become a better person inside out, insyaAllah....

The other night I was watching this telemovie about Independence Day & as expected I cried buckets. I doubt if I did watch it 20 years back, the impact would be the same. Now I can relate to the whole situation wisely & when it comes to my children that was when shine turned to rain. It was the feeling of gratefulness over sadness.

Nadeen is of course too young to understand but Balqis has taught her to hold the Jalur Gemilang & say out "Merdeka!" Does Balqis know what "Merdeka" is all about? I doubt it. Once when we were in Dubai, she pointed to the UAE flag & said "Jalur Gemilang, Merdeka!". Errkk..!
She was 2 then but I'm yet to find out what she has to say about "Merdeka" now.

Wardah knows the facts of our Independence but the true feeling of it she still has a long way to learn & appreciate. In fact, it was only yesterday she asked me "Mama, would there be any fireworks tonight?" Get what I mean...? :-)

Yasmin on the other hand, might be a few steps ahead from her sister. It is difficult to know what she thinks of things. Prefer to keep it to herself. However as her mom, I think she understands the big meaning behind the word "Merdeka!". All based from her reading of course. Yesterday, I received a free copy of Berita Harian & there was a few articles on Independence Day. Showed them to her & I noticed the article on the Communists attracted her attention.

I'm sure not all are aware but I have this tool which monitor the traffic to my blogs. What I realise for the past few years, early August is when the traffic gets the busiest. It is all due to my posting on "Merdeka Poem". To those who are new to my blog, you may read it here.

To everyone, Happy National Day. May we stay independent forever & progress to the better. Amin...

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