Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Birds & The Bees

A week has passed & Alhamdulillah, Yasmin & Wardah are coping very well fasting. Not really a surprise as this year is not their first experience. Balqis has not yet tried. She did join us for sahur though, twice. Well... that's a good start for a 4 years old, right? ;-)

I've been quite occupied this week & it will get busier next week with school recommences. As some are aware, I have a little business selling cookies in Ramadhan. Only two types & the simplest to make - Choc Chips & Butter Cornflakes. I have finally gotten hold of a few packages of fine sugar yesterday. Now that all the ingredients bought, I may start with cornflakes anytime now but choc chips, I've started once Ramadhan started.

Back to the title... I wanted to share with you about a book I bought 2 months back. This book was introduced to me by a friend. She has a teenage son & the book helps to assist both mother & son to teach & learn about developments in anatomy, changes in feelings & from there his mom can go further discussing the birds & the bees.

I 'm sure most parents out there find it difficult to be open about it. Not that I am bragging but I did not encounter any problem when I had the discussion with Yasmin. Perhaps it was an easy task when it involved a mom & her daughter. Yasmin's mature mind helped a lot too. She took it as another piece of knowledge & there was not even once she went "urgh.." or smiling of embarrassment.

This is the book. Since it is edited & published in the US, there are a few things which we as parents need to play our part. Towards the final chapter of the book it touches on safe sex. Definitely not our culture & especially to my religion. Still we need to take that piece of information in a positive way but with guidance. I'm pretty sure you understand what I meant.

There are a few pictures attached but not to worry they are all drawn. No photography which I'm sure might be misled ;-) Here are some excerpts of the contents.

I am a member of the Popular Bookstore. No... not me. Yasmin actually. I used her name during registration & was granted a student card which allows the holder to enjoy the benefits offered. Membership fees? Half price cheaper for students ;-) I don't really agree to points accumulation offered by the other bookstore. I don't want points which I can redeem but prefer a discounted price anytime I purchase a book or even stationery.

This book is usually a hot cake. It might not be at the shelf. In fact, I didn't get the book straight away. It was out of stock. Made a booking with no payment needed & a week after, I received a phone call to collect my book. Simple.

I was browsing the net yesterday for a book on smocking (Yes, this is my latest craze!). Fell for a book which definitely suits me as a beginner. Tried my luck to call the bookstore & I managed a booking via a phone call. How convenient... It saves not only time but also the cash. How many times have you spent on something else when the exact thing you plan to buy was not available? Plenty of times... I'm sure :-) I was in the same boat.

Now, here is a glimpse of my venture in smocking. Don't let the dress deceive you...

My smocking needs a lot of brushing up so hurry book...! (will update on the end product of the dress ;-D)


Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

TQ Ja for sharing the info... Nanti Kak Ja pun nak carilah buku tu.

Cantiknya baju... multi-talented lah you ni Ja!

Have a Happy Merdeka :)

jabishah said...

No problem at all. You do that... a worth buy.

I like the baju as well. Rasa mcm nak buat utk sendiri pakai. Hehehe... Buang tebiat lah pulak nanti org kata ;-) Tx Kak Ja.

PermataHati said...

Boza..I nak order kuih choc chip & butter cornflake tu ngan you boleh lagi ker?...Thn nie I x buat sbb hal2 yg x dpt dielakkan...Kuih tunjuk ajer...better order ngan kwn2 sonang...Pls email me the price per bottle yea.